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What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the spiritual understanding that you are a powerful energetic being in a physical body with the ability to intentionally direct your energy, thoughts, emotions and perspectives to higher levels of awareness.

Everything around us has consciousness. Every person is a spark of consciousness. Every experience offers us ways to know ourselves better. As you access the inherent joy, light, abundance, and success of your natural energy, your life experiences change in fundamental ways.

I share ways to look at these energies in your life with books, online Mastery Courses, a weekly global radio show, conscious astrology, and regular inspirations on social media. 

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Did you finish reading The Art of Trapeze and are now clicking over here to check things out? Come over this way.  The book is the first in a series, and if you enjoy the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, you'll like where this adventure is going.

I aspire to connect you with consciousness-raising insights that empower your journey – authentically, joyfully, awesome-ly.

Thought-Provoking Books To Raise Your Consciousness

Weekly Radio Show To Raise Your Consciousness

Bring a smile to your soul every week! Show topics range from spiritual guidance and soul growth wisdom to consciousness, channeled messages, and astrology. Plus, I love introducing you to amazing healers, experts, and authors so come over and see who stops by. Almost 200 free episodes available now! Just click on an image below to listen live, stream online, or download on iTunes.

Astrology Wisdom To Raise Your Consciousness

Looking for more insights about your personal energy? Or need a heads up on the month ahead? I got your back.

Discover Conscious Astrology right here and learn more about your fabulous self.
Personal astrology sessions are also available to help guide you through whatever is on your mind or on your heart.

And be sure to download an issue of Happiness & Wellbeing magazine for uplifting articles, practical holistic tips, healthy lifestyle topics, and a ton of inspiring content. I write the monthly astrology forecast exclusively here - two full pages of guidance and a monthly mantra.

Affirmations To Raise Your Consciousness

Original affirmations waiting for you right here to add power, strength, and confidence to your day.

Online Mastery Courses To Raise Your Consciousness

Just opened! Spirituality is an online destination to accelerate your journey to self-mastery. Discover original Mastery Courses, Featured Teachers, free self-mastery tools, and more on the way soon, including online courses for your spiritual business.

Master Marketing Guidance For Your Conscious Business

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur needing to grow your business? I can help you with that. My 15+ years of professional experience in email marketing, brand development, digital strategy, event planning and marketing communications is meant to guide and elevate those sharing conscious messages in the world. I offer a free 30-minute Discovery Session to see if we're a match.

Download my free 44-page guide now for instant inspiration!

Now available! Free new 44-page guide to ridiculously loving and celebrating yourself

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