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Evolving Consciousness Eckhart Tolle

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the spiritual understanding that you are a powerful energetic being in a physical body with the ability to intentionally direct your energy, thoughts, emotions and perspectives to higher levels of awareness.

Everything around us has consciousness. Every person is a spark of consciousness. Every experience offers us ways to know ourselves better as spiritual beings. As you access the inherent joy, light, abundance, and success of your natural soul energy, your life experiences change in fundamental ways and lead you to greater happiness - truth!

I share ways to look at these energies in your life through books, online Mastery Courses, astrology sessions, a weekly global radio show, intuitive business coaching, and regular inspirations on social media.

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Strategic Business Coaching and Astrology Sessions
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Conscious Advocacy

I aspire to connect you with consciousness-raising insights that empower your journey – authentically, joyfully, awesome-ly.

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Get published. Inspire thousands. Improve the world. 

You heard a Call of Your Soul and you answered it. 

You went on a journey.

Now inspire + benefit women around the world with your awakening story in a published book.

Share with us how you answered a Call of Your Soul in an authentic, empowering way that led you to more of YOU. 

Possible story ideas include:

- Leaving behind an outgrown version of yourself (relationship, friendship, lifestyle, etc.)
- Following a passion or business venture
- A deep healing experience that involved grief, heartache, pain, or fear
- Embarking on a spiritual quest
- Moving to a new place
- Starting your life over in a whole new way
- Acknowledging what your heart needs
- Stepping into a new role that required you to expand
- Any leap of faith you've taken in your life!

Are you ready to put your journey into an essay of 2,000 words to inspire and connect with other women around the world?

Bestselling Spiritual Books To Raise Your Consciousness

You can choose ANY dream at any time in your life! I started writing in my early thirties with a sudden wave of passion. Perhaps the words and ideas had always been there - suppressed, or hidden, or lurking just below the life-is-too-crazy-busy surface.

The need to put fingertips to keyboard finally rose to the surface with a force only creativity can bring; that urge to express oneself and share from an authentic place. My intention with every writing project is to connect with readers with inspiring, courageous, vulnerable messages.

My current published books are below, and more are in the works because I just can't stop hittin' the keyboard. :)

The Awakening Consciousness Series

Happening now ~ 20% off paperback versions of my books! 

More details on each book's page

Book One: The Art of Trapeze

My indie book next to "12 Years A Slave" - an amazing dream come true!

Just a girl who answered the Call of her Soul...

Book Two: The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step,

you know it's not your path.

Your own path you make with every step you take.

That's why it's your path.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Every woman is her own heroine. 

Every female is part of the grand journey of rising consciousness and rising feminine power on the planet. 

We are each contributing, offering, sharing, learning, healing, stumbling, figuring it out as valuable Soul pieces of the sum total Soul. 

And the best way for each of us to individually contribute is by answering the Call of your Soul. You know what it is at some level of your being. You understand what you need to do or at least you've had glimmers of it. You came here with this knowledge.

Becoming your own Modern Heroine is a journey as unique as you, and also tied to all feminine energies through the cosmic web that unites us in more ways than perhaps our Ego-Minds would like to acknowledge at times.

Book Three: The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire

Peace. Forgiveness. Adventure. Compassion. Love. Healing. Consciousness. Abundance. 

The grand journey of consciousness culminates with an exciting travel adventure!

From the frostbite blizzards of St. Petersburg to the warm tropical breezes of Hawaii; from an isolated barren desert in Africa to a quiet French village on the outskirts of civilization; and from the extreme conditions under a bustling geisha house to a heroine’s grand transformation along the banks of the Nile, get ready for an inspiring collection of soul-evolving experiences.

Your Soul is composed of layers and imprints of wisdom that are all ready to be embraced now – but are you looking in the right places? 

Do you see what is currently present in yourself as messages about your power? 

Are you connecting with the truth of who you truly are and owning the beauty of your limitless Soul?

Read first chapter for free here:

Let's go to Paris! 

Sharing my best secrets and top travel tips with you from my years of living in Paris. 

Plus, free French menu cards so you can figure out what the heck you're ordering while the waiter impatiently looks down on you...


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Conscious Astrology for Your Soul's Growth

You are whole. You are complete. You are a Soul composed of Divine energy with a wealth of resources, wisdom and peace. You have everything you need.

Yet you chose to hold specific energetic signatures in this life. A Divine fingerprint of energy, if you will, with a unique purpose, magical creativity, inspiring gifts, unlimited potentials, and numerous opportunities for growth.

Astrologically, we know this energy as our Sun Sign ("I’m a Gemini/Scorpio/Leo!”) because the Sun is warmth, vitality, illumination, and growth. The Sun is Light.

Your Sun sign is your astrological Light. It is your main source of energy – and yet it’s just the beginning. We each have all 12 astrological energies within us expressing themselves through different areas of our lives and various forms of energy.

One-on-One Intuitive Business Coaching

With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience, I can guide your spiritual business to new levels of results and success in a variety of ways.

Check out my current business course offerings here, or reach out to begin a conversation about one-on-one coaching.

New! Online Mastery Courses To Raise Your Consciousness
(Like a boss.)

Are you ready to learn more about your own energy and spiritual gifts? 

I teach a variety of classes online ranging from Astrology, to Spiritual Business Development topics, to the Universal Spiritual Laws, and more! Some classes are live and others are DIY - but all are created to support your self-mastery.

Come over and join the party! It's a RAD Show every week (get it?)

RAD as in radio, of course! Show topics range from spiritual guidance and soul growth wisdom to consciousness, channeled messages, and astrology. Listen weekly for inspiration, guidance, and great stories!

Plus, I love introducing you to amazing healers, experts, and authors so come over and see who stops by.

Almost 200 free episodes available now!
Just click on an image below to listen live, stream online, download on iTunes, or get through the free Stitcher app (Android).

Conscious Advocacy

Are you looking for a way to help our sisters around the world? Many women ready to improve their lives TODAY and you can be a catalyst for their lives. As an Ambassador for Women for Women International, it's a passion of mine to raise awareness and increase actions around how we can serve others in practical ways. Care to know more?

There's a lot goin' on here!

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