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How We Contribute To Oneness

Posted on October 29, 2016 at 11:10 AM

From the newest book! 

Is Separation Consciousness The Bad Guy?

Posted on October 25, 2016 at 1:35 PM

Another One? Yep! YOUR AWAKENING SELF for your ears

Posted on October 23, 2016 at 12:55 PM

This is a shout out to share how super grateful I am for the wonderful people I have connected with to produce and narrate audio books for 5 of my 10 books.

In the past 6 months, we have released 10 titles (6 are single short stories with spiritual teachings) and there is no way I could have done any of it on my own at this point (moving across the country, baby, work projects, etc). Each narrator and producer is wonderful at their jobs. We have at least one more audio book in the works right now. And it feels GOOD to have this goal off of my never-ending To Do List because as any author/enterpreneur can tell you... the overwhelm is real! :)

For the other authors out there, I really do endorse ACX and their system for creating audio books. It's been fantastic for auditions, contracts, payment terms, distribution to Amazon, Audible & iTunes, and everything else. Plus, you connect with a whole new group of people who love to listen to stories.

My newest title, YOUR AWAKENING SELF: CONNECT DEEPLY WITH YOUR TRUE EVOLVING SOUL, was completed and released about a week ago. You can check it out here - and learn how to get it for free from Audible!

It's an exciting time to be an indie author! I have NO REGRETS about doing it all myself... it's been a steep learning curve at times, but completely worth it. Every dream is!


The Evolution of Your Consciousness

Posted on October 21, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Your life holds many layers of meaning. You can look at an event, experience or relationship and see it in very basic terms - yes or no; stop or go; good or bad; love or fear.

Or you can examine anything from a more informed level of consciousness and see how everything unfolded perfectly to support your soul's growth. Our lives are always in Divine order - isn't that magnificent?!

This is the driving intention of my Awakening Consciousness Book Series: to connect you with empowering perspectives about your energy, your gifts, your opportunities, your perfection.

The journey starts with The Art of Trapeze which tells you "the story" - and don't we all love a good story? Of course!

But wait - there's more.

Book Two, The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness, brings in the five types of consciousness on the planet now; describes various types of relationships; offers deeper understanding to WHY we experience certain life events; and guides you through 11 stages of spiritual growth.

The point of this series is to open you up to more of your life experiences, relationships, and spiritual growth. Chances are, you'll have some big "a-ha!" moments around pivotal points in your life and the people who were involved.

That's the beauty of consciousness - it brings in more Love, peace, joy and awesomeness!

 We are here to BE the fullness of ourselves, and I sincerely hope my books can be a light on your path. 

Collective Energies Ready To Clear - Join Me!

Posted on October 19, 2016 at 10:20 AM

With so much turmoil and all of the crazy intense energies flying around right now, you may be feeling the CRUD that is being churned up in the collective - yes?

It is especially unsettling in the United States right now as deeper pockets of energies are coming up to the surface for greater awareness.


Since we are all one, we each contribute to what is happening right now, even on the most unconscious of levels, so let's take a slow break and return to the knowingness that we are all from LOVE and returning to LOVE.


In this show, we're going to do some awesome conscious creation of energies that are desperately needed right now - join me and let's do this for the benefit of ALL!

We'll be checking our political views, opinions, and beliefs at the door as we dig in to deeper Soul Love and Connection.


Listen here.


Or on iTunes

Astrological Profile of Bernie Sanders

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Bernie, what happened, dude??? Well let's take a look at his chart.

We recently found a birth time for him of 12:27 pm in Brooklyn Heights, NY, so we'll work with that as it does seem to fit, giving him a Scorpio Rising (passion, drive, magnetism, steel purpose) that is an all-or-nothing crusader for his ambitions. Scorpio rising is very determined and focused, so no doubt having to give up his candidacy was incredibly hard and torturous. Nothing was done lightly.


Bernie's Sun in Virgo is in the 10th house, signalling a life devoted to serving the people (Virgo) in a public capacity (10th house). His Neptune, MC and North Node are also in Virgo, so we have someone who is definitely on-point for his purpose in this lifetime. Virgo is motivated by improvements, systems, and repairing damage in practical, real ways. Virgo is also about Everyday People who serve and support - think nurses, healthcare, admin, unions, etc. Bernie connects with people because he sees their struggle for a better life, and in the 10th house, he wants to be recognized and seen for how he can help them.


His Moon is in Aries, conjunct Mars in Aries, in the 5th house. He likes the public stage and limelight (5th house) and is driven by his own ambitions and needs. Aries Moon is about themselves, ultimately, and conjunct Mars gives him a lot of gusto and energy. I doubt he sits down for very long. :) He is driven by personal motivation, anger, and a way to do things in a new way (Aries). He doesn't want to share, except he is often forced to. His Venus in Libra opposes his Aries energies, so he knows he has to take others into account. Mercury in Libra gives him greater objectivity to do so.


Uranus is moving across his Moon and Mars in Aries. This is how he surged out into the public eye, but also why things changed so quickly. We haven't seen the last of him; he'll be back in some capacity as Uranus makes another pass over these 2 key planets soon. I bet something transpired for him with the Full Moon in Aries exactly conjunct his Moon and Mars last weekend.


Pluto is exactly trine his Sun, so a new surge of personal power is coming through.It will be activated when Mars conjuncts Pluto on October 19th. If I were Hillary, I would bring Bernie up during the October 19th debate. Something seems to be brewing with him that will bring him back out.


Neptune in Pisces is conjunct his IC, which means the concept of home is evolving and changing - a new move may be on the horizon soon. Chiron in Pisces is conjunct his South Node in his 4th house, bringing up wounds from previous lifetimes around being the victim, left out, separated. A loss of ego is happening and in his private moments, he could be experiencing a deep feeling of never getting what he wants (Pisces). And not knowing what to do or where to go next.


Saturn squares his Sun in November, so a turning point with greater responsibility is on the horizon for all of his hard work.

As for his connection with Hillary, all of Hillary's Scorpio planets are in his 12th house of karma and unfinished energies. His past life energies with her are strong, and he is following through on some type of karmic lesson with her. His Saturn in Taurus is in the 7th house, so working with authority, being responsible with money, and being held accountable with partnerships are where he has to exert greater discipline and work in this lifetime. He prefers to be the one in charge of a partnership, and will negotiate for everything he wants and values. Whatever transpired behind the scenes with Hillary, I would bet that money, status, and a job were on the table. A tough negotation ensued, including legal protection (Saturn in 7th).


It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out!

Astrological Profile of Donald Trump

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 2:30 PM

I am going to preface this by saying that although I have very strong opinions about him, it is my intention to use Donald Trump's chart as a teaching tool for you. I will attempt to keep my heavy bias out of this so you can learn more about astrology. :)


So why is Donald Trump such an argumentative individual?

He has Mars in Leo conjunct his Ascendant in Leo. The Asc is your first impression to the world; Mars is a fighter. Leo is all about attention, self-expression and being seen for who they truly are. With Mars there, arguing is how he comes across and it just operates in his subconscious because it is in his 12th house. He really has no awareness about how he appears to others.

The 12th house stores the parts of yourself you don't see until you intentionally reflect on its energies and make them part of your conscious awareness. He has no idea that there would be another way to make an impression; he cannot even see this part of himself. Mars in Leo just wants to get his way at any cost. The 12th house is also where we experience our 'undoing' because we have to let go, clear out, and finish energy that started in previous lifetimes. It is a very karmic house. Donald has Mars and Pluto in Leo in the 12th house, signalling a powerful rulership in a previous lifetime and that he is here this time around to meet up with unfinished business.


Donald has his Sun in Gemini (10th house) and his Moon in Sagittarius (4th house) almost exactly opposite, signalling that he was born during a Full Moon. This often means a life of extremes, requiring balance of both parts of the Self into a full whole. If the personality and emotional needs are not identified and known, an individual can feel like they are two different people and be bi-polar. It requires real conscious effort to integrate yourself and the competing personality parts. The 10th house wants to be seen and is all about business; the 4th house wants privacy in the home. At the end of the day, he needs a quiet place, but the next morning, he has to get out and be in the world.


His Sun in Gemini is conjunct Uranus, which is why he is such a wildcard and cannot be "controlled" (if you will). Uranus energy brings in the rebel and the force of the individual personality. In Gemini, this is a free thinker who will say anything and loves change; Gemini doesn't want there to be any predictablility or he'll get bored. Uranus can be a genius, electrifying, and a visionary, especially conjunct the Sun.


The other thing that stands out in his chart is that his ruling planet, Mercury, is in Cancer and his Midheaven's ruler, Venus, is in Cancer conjunct Saturn. Cancer is a big player in his chart, which is the real estate mogul coming through. Saturn is the businessman side of things. Cancer is also the family man, the Father, and the protector. He really is all about his family, and how he can create a legacy (11th house) for the future.


He is having a Jupiter return this year (Jupiter in Libra in 2nd house), so he will be making a lot of money shortly, regardless of how the election turns out.

Ah, politics. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out!


Astrological Profile for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Posted on October 16, 2016 at 2:25 PM


Hillary is a Super Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Venus and South Node all in this sign. Scorpios are all or nothing - all of the time. She sees this role as President as everything to her, just like every job and goal she has ever had. It's the only thing that matters at this time, and she probably has no idea what to do if she doesn't win. She is too focused and involved in this goal.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and in her chart, Pluto is in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo almost exactly. (Remember, Donald has Mars in Leo too so this is a true war between two lions wanting to ROAR.) Pluto and Mars together are FIERCE and ambitious... no holds barred and nothing is halfway. There is so much intensity that it shows up as anger and rage, too. In Leo, the heart is involved, so if she doesn't release those intense feelings a heart attack could manifest. There are big anger issues here that run deep.


Pluto and Mars are square her Venus in Scorpio, signaling issues trusting people in relationships. She wonders what they are after and if their intentions are pure. She wants to believe the best in people (Moon in Pisces) but her Scorpio nature has been around the block enough times to be skeptical. Scorpio has secrets and isn't afraid to keep them, so I don't think we'll know everything she knows about herself until she's passed away (sorry, not trying to be grim, it's just one of those things with Scorpios!). Also, Mars conjunct Pluto squaring Venus represents her husband... and yes, I would bet many claims about him are true.


Her Moon in Pisces means she is actually more sensitive than you'd think, and she picks up on a lot of energies around her. In this chart, the Moon squares her ASC and is why she can't relate to people openly - she's actually afraid of too much emotion and vulnerability coming out. The Moon in Pisces also squares Uranus in Gemini, so she won't let you get close to her anyways - it will always be on her terms and she wants to keep you surprised. Her Moon is in the 10th house signaling many job changes in her life and always looking for the next professional home. She has high ideals (Pisces) and really wants to support the underdogs, outcasts, and abandoned members of society (Pisces).


Saturn was in Scorpio from 2012-2015 and really gave her a run for her self-identity as it touched on many of her planets. She went through the ringer, but came out the other side changed in deep ways, as all Scorpios do. She learned a lot, and although she won't show it, it was tougher than she realized. Now Saturn in Sagittarius is trining her 3 planets in Leo, which gives structure to her current passions and a new belief in herself.


Currently, Pluto in Capricorn is supporting her Scorpio planets and giving them the push through to focus on her professional goals (Capricorn) and staying focused at any cost. Pluto is sextiling her Venus (campaign costs and fundraising) and she is making a permanent change for women in the world. Mars in Capricorn is adding a lot of energy and drive to her Scorpio planets, too.


I'm concerned about her health issues with Chiron getting close to her Moon in Pisces. But all in all, she is a professional and is in it to win it at any cost.


There are officially 3 different birth times for Hillary, and based on transits and a few other factors, I think the chart with a Gemini Asc fits her well. We don't know for sure, of course, but we can also gather a lot of information based on the planets alone. I'm going with that chart. Here are the 3 charts for Hillary:,_Hillary


For those who want more details, I like the Gemini ASC chart for a few reasons -


1) Puts her strong Sun in Scorpio in the 5th house of personal expression and being seen for a passion, also relates to fighting for children;


2) Transiting Pluto opposed her ASC and went into her 7th house in 2008, when she lost the Democratic nom to Obama (forces working against you and outside of you);


3) Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is currently in her 7th house of partnerships and open enemies - Obama, her husband, Bernie Sanders, and of course, The Donald;


4) Mars, Pluto, and Saturn in Leo are in the 3rd house of research, education, writing, teaching, and speaking in a public capacity;


5) Neptune went across her MC at 4 degrees Pisces a few years ago, which was the loss of her role as Secretary of State and surrendering to a job change; also related to her interrogation and questioning over Benghazi (loss of ego) and oh yeah, that email issue that just doesn't want to die :)


It will be interesting if her birth time is ever revealed and we can see what is accurate.

Always Divinely Loved

Posted on October 14, 2016 at 1:35 PM

She Saw Her Own Light

Posted on October 11, 2016 at 11:10 AM


Welcome to Florida! Now get out.

Posted on October 7, 2016 at 3:25 AM

We just moved to the area that is being hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew (Cape Canaveral), so we were part of the mass exodus and mandatory evacuations yesterday away from the coast. We loaded up both of our cars with 1 baby, 2 cats, 2 coolers of food, a giant bin of dried goods, camping essentials, a crib, a box of toys and books, water, and one suitcase of clothes.

We drove inland to a town west of Orlando where we have a hotel room until Saturday. But the power will go out here, there will be flooding, and the winds will reach 100 mph. Will the roof stay on? How many trees will fall around us? Will the cars be hit? All potentials. The hotel is advising us to stay inside and that the building is very sound as it is made of solid concrete and has survived 44 years of hurricanes.

We considered driving farther west to Tampa and/or north to Tallahassee, but hotels are all booked up across the state and up into Georgia. Shelters are the only remaining option for many. The first storm effects come in today, Friday will be the toughest day with the biggest winds, and then Saturday will be sunshine and heat again. It will be uncomfortable when the AC goes out and we have to live in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity, but that is just a short-term experience. We will take it one day - one hour - at a time and do the best we can. (If someone could please tell the cats that, it would be appreciated. :)

The road back home will be flooded and covered in debris, so no idea when we'll be able to go back and look at the damage. To return to our home, we have to show proof of residency that we live there, so we brought the lease and important docs with us to gain access, whenever that may be - probably weeks, hopefully not.

All in all, we are lucky because we have a generator, supplies, insurance, resources, and options - many people have none of those things. We can always rebuild, repurchase, and start again as needed. We have the essentials with us that cannot be replaced, and that is all that counts at this time. <3

My thoughts are also with the millions along the Eastern seaboard who will experience the devastating effects of this monster storm. At times like this, we become clearer about what is important, what matters, and what we want to carry with us.

Thank you to those who have reached out to check in! Your blessings and supportive words are appreciated. For those who follow my public page, I have a trusted resource taking care of my social media right now...unless I have access on my phone.

So that's it for now! A memorable weekend is underway.


Please keep your blessings, prayers, and LIGHT coming for all of those who are in the path of Hurricane Matthew! The good news is that the storm is staying further away from land than expected and this is resulting in a huge improvement for millions. The less impact the better, obviously, and the easier we can all move forward.


I'll be sharing more about the energy of this storm in my next email. Some very interesting energies are involved, and we are clearing a lot at a lower level. Look forward to sharing more with you next week. <3

Time To Activate Your Modern Heroine

Posted on October 5, 2016 at 9:40 AM

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path.

Your own path you make with every step you take.

That's why it's your path.”

~ Joseph Campbell

Briiiiing on the trailblazing! The leaps of faith! The giant doses of trust! A soul adventure unfolding!

Briiiing on the elevations to higher level of consciousness!

You, as a soul, are here to RISE up to incredible heights of joy, peace, happiness, success, and abundance.

It's a celebration lifetime like no other - and the time is now for your soul's growth in new ways.

But questions come up along the way. Many, many questions and inquiries and thoughts.

So I put together a guidebook for your soul's growth based on known principles and the introduction of original concepts, definitions, and understandings to cohesively bring in all of your soul's energy.

Like soul contracts. Soul agreements. Karmic relationships. Soul groups. The spiral and the elevator. Past life connections. 5 types of consciousness. And a lot spiritual wisdom to guide you through multiple stages of soul growth.

Come over this way to discover more about your inner Modern Heroine.

She can't wait for you to arrive and for the journey to begin.


New Moon in Libra + Join FB #astrology group

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 7:45 AM

Happy New Moon in Libra! Every new lunation cycle is meant to connect us with a new intention that matches the grand cycle of Universal flow, creation, and evolution. The New Moon in Libra is the 7th one of the astrological year, and is a balancing point to what you began back in March with the Aries New Moon.

What have you learned over the past 6 months? Where have you exerted energy that is out of balance? Where are you ready to share and harmonize in a higher way?

The Sun and Moon meet up at 8 degrees Libra late on September 30 and are conjunct Jupiter (the planet of MORE) at 4 degrees Libra. That's a lot of Libra energy, accentuating money, love, relationships, beauty, music, and where we find and share pleasure with others.

However, Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in Scorpio, adding a deeper intensity to this New Moon. It's traditionally said that Venus does not do well in Scorpio because she can be jealous, emotionally intense, and doesn't always want to get along well with others...she wants control in relationships. So with her ruling this lunation, things are happening under the surface and not being revealed just yet...Venus in Scorpio is keeping things in her private domain and we may know more about where relationships stand - and true intentions - by the Full Moon on October 15.

Mars has newly entered Capricorn, and he is working with Venus nicely, so Masculine and Feminine energies are going to sync up well with a shared goal, ambition, and passion around what they want to build together.

That's the secret to this New Moon - looking at where you are in alignment and have an inner balance with your Masculine and Feminine energies, and how you are consciously directing them forward with passion and gusto. What do you want to build right now with others?

All 3 planets in Libra sextile Saturn in Sag, so there is a healthy dose of responsibility, structure, and real development taking place with your intentions right now.

Overall, this is a lovely New Moon that ends the eclipse season mania and brings us back to ourselves with a fresh sense of peace around where you are now.

It is an excellent time to smudge your home and make way for what the fall season (spring in the southern hemisphere) has in store for you over the next 3 months. It's also a great time to socialize, get out on the town, and have some fun with your peeps - you know those wine bottles aren't going to drink themselves!

(Are you interested in more astrology updates and energies regularly? I don't post all of my astrology insights on the blog or through email - too time consuming - but I do share a lot on Facebook since I hang out there often. If you want more astrology to guide your energies, choices, and life, you'll want to join my private FB astrology group where we talk about the planets, transits, and more good stuff almost daily. Send me a private message on my Facebook page with your email address, and I'll send you an invitation to join.)

Cheers and stars,


YOU As A Catalyst For Her Success

Posted on September 29, 2016 at 11:40 AM

Every woman is her own heroine. Every female can be powerful, happy, and successful by creating the best possible life for herself and her family. Every person has gifts to share and ways to serve her local community. And we can make this philosophy a true reality by actively participating in global sisterhood!

You can change the life of a woman in meaningful, practical ways that will get you moving towards your dreams, too. If she can make this commitment to her life, what can you do to create what you want for yourself, your children, and your community?

The ultimate gift is that YOU become a catalyst for her, which then ripples out to her family and community.

You become a catalyst for change in a long-term way that improves the lives of many. And she also becomes a catalyst for you and what you can achieve in your life.

I connected with my first sister in Rwanda just as she began enrollment in the year-long program. She shared her dreams and goals for improving her life, including the possibilities for her child, and we regularly exchange correspondence as a form of encouragement for both of us. This program is definitely a two-way street, let me tell ya! ;) She inspires me to no end with her resilience, strength, and courage; I hope I can offer a fraction of that energy back to her.


As you read more stories over here and connect with Women for Women’s work, I hope it motives you to participate in improving the lives of our sisters around the world.

Please know that women are eagerly waiting to enroll in this program – we just need more sponsors like you who care deeply about women supporting other women!

Check it out




Conscious Use of Your Energy

Posted on September 24, 2016 at 5:00 PM

That's right, baby! Cuz your best answers are always within YOU.

More here!