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Return To Sender

Posted on December 8, 2016 at 3:05 AM

As many of you know, I've been sharing with you the "Return To Sender" idea for a few years now because I believe it is a really important message to remember. It is more fully explained in the ebook "Guided By Your Light: Ridiculously Loving and Celebrating Yourself" so be sure to get your copy here. 

"Return To Sender" is a reminder that you CAN re-inforce what you allow into your personal energy field by sending anything you don't wish to receive BACK to it's original creator. Being energetically open means you can pick up on other vibrations and feel when 'stuff' is coming your way that is not yours, not wanted, not needed, no thank you very much! In the ebook I describe how you can return that very 'stuff' back to where it came from and increase your boundaries. Hence, Return to Sender, baby - STAT!

It is an absolute joy to create these original works for you, even if they always take longer than expected! A lot of this content has been sitting on my computer as other projects came up (you know how crazy life gets!), so I trust it is reaching you at the right time and in the best way. Enjoy!

New! 3 Spiritual Mentoring Programs Begin

Posted on December 5, 2016 at 10:20 AM

You asked.

I heard you.

Spiritual Mentoring Programs are now available!


We have a safe, positive, special place to support your ongoing spiritual development in a structured, practical way as 2017 gets underway.



What do you want to consciously create in your life next?


Your dream career.

The perfect romantic partner.

New friendships.

Flows of abundance.

Health and well-being.

The best possible place to live.

Expand your spiritual understandings and practice.

Or perhaps all of the above!



{One caveat: It CANNOT be money. And in the small groups, I will share with you exactly why that is. :) }


Every month, you'll tap into a specific theme and conscious choices you can apply in the Real World to elevate your energy to higher states of peace, abundance, bliss, and success with practical steps and actions that lead to real results.


The basis of our interactions will be learning, applying, and working with 12 Universal Spiritual Laws.


Every month you will receive:


  • One module from the Universal Spiritual Laws online course
  • PDF download + worksheet
  • Audio recording
  • Positive only vibes
  • Intention setting
  • Private, small group for personal attention
  • Develop and grow what you want to create in your life
  • Support for applying the right steps
  • Answers and guidance to your specific questions


Together, you will continue to:


  • Develop your intuition
  • Meet new like-minded people
  • Flourish in a positive-vibes-only space
  • Expand your spiritual growth
  • Learn new concepts and practices
  • Connect with loving community support
  • Fully own your power as a Creator



You can choose from 3 different programs to fit your needs, time, and budget.



Small group mentoring will be in a space with 6-8 people, so you feel heard, connected, and in touch with others in a real way. I believe personal attention is key, especially when new information and personal development is underway.

Discover more here

Your Soul Story Is Happening Now

Posted on December 2, 2016 at 10:20 AM

From the latest release, THE UNLIMITED SPARKS OF A BONFIRE

Thanksgiving Adventures

Posted on November 23, 2016 at 8:50 AM

Thanksgiving comes in a variety of sizes and celebration styles.

I've had a year or two with only my cats as my companions; I've prepared a feast for a table of 12 that was the typical all-day affair with tons of leftovers.

One year I met my mom at a roadside diner to eat whatever they had to serve (traffic is insane on Turkey Day!). Another year, my beau and I enjoyed a lovely escape at a seaside resort with a gourmet spread. I am not going to tell you how many times I visited each food station. :)


A memorable year was when I was cooking our turkey in a neighbor's regular size oven while they were out of town (I lived in a log cabin and the oven was TINY). Someone else stopped by and thought a burglar had broken in to the cook a turkey. Right. They locked me out. No worries, I found the key before anything was burnt.


In Paris, a small group of American friends hunted down the smallest, most expensive turkey ever and we created our own awesome feast.


I have spent Turkey Day working as a waitress, which is never dull, and you'd be surprised how much more drama is created in public on holidays, LOL. One year I was on a plane flying to the sun and was upgraded to first class - more of those, please!


This year we are having a small gathering in sunny Florida for the first time. With a toddler, not going anywhere is such a great option. :) I went to the store earlier in the week, so fingers crossed, no last minute trips and everything is good to go - or we'll just make the most of what we got! Which is a lot - and for that, I am very, very grateful.


However you gather with loved ones, I hope it is a special day composed of whatever matters most to you. That could be simply the pumpkin pie and wine; hey, no judgments from me.


And if you are not an American, I wish you the best Thursday EVER, followed by an amazing Friday, too. :)


Gobble on,


Sisterhood, Success, Sponsorship: Women for Women International

Posted on November 19, 2016 at 4:00 PM

We are energetically able to support each other in unlimited ways right now, and one means of doing that is through conscious advocacy.

We have the ability to lift up our global sisters and improve their lives in practical ways while connecting with the power of sisterhood and success. And the right organizations are the perfect channels for this intention!

Women for Women International is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that helps women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives in practical, sustainable ways.

For over 20 years, they have impacted and improved the lives of 420,000 women – and counting!!

As an Ambassador for Women for Women International, I am committed to raising global awareness and inspiring actions in others (like yourself!) that will result in practical changes in women’s lives.

You have to check out their amazing results at this link!

Accelerating Energies In Effect Now

Posted on November 17, 2016 at 9:10 AM

Are you wondering WHAT IS GOING ON with global energies right now?

It is actually an amazing time for us as a human family, and on some level you know that and feel that. We are here for these times of dynamic change and transformation, no matter how it shows up, because our intention is ultimately for ALL to be experiencing greater happiness, peace, and abundance in their lives.


In this show, we’ll talk about the energies, lessons, and growth that are available to us after the U.S. elections stirred up a global jolt.


It is all a part of an acceleration of energies to support our path forward.


All is Well. All is in Order. All is Safe Within You.

Listen here

Or listen on iTunes here

one of my struggles

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 9:25 AM

One of my struggles is that I have so much I want to SHARE and OFFER and SUPPORT YOU WITH that I regularly feel overwhelmed with what to do about it. I realize that people connect here with different messages and interests.


Many of you love astrology and want regular energy updates.


Others of you are more focused on your spiritual growth, diving into clearer spiritual information, and deepening your understanding of yourself as a Soul.


And some of you are authors and entrepreneurs looking for business support and development for your work + words in the world.


I have had a ton of ideas and projects over the years, yet not enough time to devote to them all. Add to that the busy-ness of being a new mama, and getting settled after a recent big cross-country move to Florida, and well, there's only so much a gal can do in a day.


So I asked my guides and spiritual team for direction and guidance.

I sat with this inner struggle for the past few months, and just let it be.

Let it go.

Stayed open to solutions that would work best for as many people as possible.

Listened and allowed and wondered.

Ran through pros, and cons, and practicalities.


I also became highly impatient at times too, not gonna lie. :)

Like, multiple times.



Then clarity finally arrived, albeit in pieces, as I explored ideas and discussed the possibilities with my trusted peeps.


I am relieved to now have a plan for the road ahead to optimize what I can offer, share and support you with to the spiritual max.


As always, our guides and spiritual teams are listening, but the timing has to line up and the pieces have to come together before we can see it clearly.


New astrology classes + spiritual development + business offerings are on the way soon!


I am STOKED to share this new line-up with you!!!


I really hope it fills a need for you on your spiritual growth path, wherever that might be at this moment.


I will break it down and introduce these offerings over the course of a few upcoming emails, so sign up here for the latest information: 


As always, thank you for connecting with me.

I truly aspire to help you on your spiritual growth path into 2017 and beyond.



First Up: For The Astrology Lovers


I invite you to join us in a FREE private Facebook group where I regularly post updates about the astrological energies, current events, and answer questions about your astrology chart. We have great conversations here, and it is open to anyone who would like to join in and learn. No previous astrology knowledge required.


This is different than my public FB page, by the way.


I am not always able to post all astrology content on my blog or in emails," target="_blank">so this private group the spot to get those updates and stay in the loop! Reach out here and send me a private message to join. 

Back with more soon!



Free eBook To Guide You Forward Now

Posted on November 12, 2016 at 6:25 AM

The most powerful thing you can do for yourself, and everyone, is keep your energy high and clear.

Since this has been a time of many emotions and fears, I'm offering one of my books, CONSCIOUS MESSAGES, for free to everyone around the world in order to assist anyone with the intention of raising their perspective and energy.


From November 12th until November 16th, you can download this ebook for free to help you center, balance, and return to your Soul's natural state of consciousness.


A practical, uplifting collection of high-vibrational messages to elevate your energy!


From affirming that Where You Are Is Where You Need to Be and owning your personal truth, to cosmic perspectives on emotional energy, being in alignment with your intentions, and expanding beyond limiting belief systems, these brand new 21 channeled messages provide you with simple, direct perspectives about stepping more fully into your Soul’s light.


Inspiring messages include Personal Alignment, Living From Your Heart Space, Making Conscious Changes, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love, and Elevating the Energies of a Catastrophe with a Soul Perspective.


(*Please verify the price is free before downloading as you are responsible for what you download. Some internatinal Amazon sites may be delayed in showing the free price due to time zone issues and/or technical issues.)


I hope this gift returns you to what you know is true for you and humanity. <3


Copy/paste the correct link for your country























11:11 Energy Meditation

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 9:30 AM

11:11 is a very powerful day to BLAST away any and all energies that no longer serve you and are not part of your next steps.

What comes to mind instantly?

Trust whomever that may be, or whatever shows up in your awareness, even if it seems odds.

An easy and effective way to do this is by imagining a blast of light from your 7 chakras emitting out your aura and powerfully filling up your full energy field.

As you sit in this visual, feel the light as being warm, loving, joyful and supportive of you. See it going out to everything you touch and connect with energetically. Watch the light expand and grow and surround you in loving ways.

We are (still) shifting away from a former life, and that includes the people you no longer connect with and the choices you are ready to leave behind. What is your intention for these connections now? Sit with that. It can be simple or elaborate, whatever serves you. Perhaps you just want those people to get a life and stop stalking your FB page, LOL!

See yourself shifting up to a higher perspective where all of that is running around "out there" and not connected to you. You only see and feel your light essence instead. That's it. That's all you need and it is more than enough.

We are always growing, evolving, and understanding ourselves in new ways, and this time is about being open to more of your unconscious self as a messenger of truth.

Way back in 2007 I started learning about Shadow Feminine energies, and have been sharing with you for years now how "your shadow is the gold." It is the place within all of us that contains more parts of us that can be transformed, elevated, and brought into our Conscious Self's awareness. But it shows up as darkness first.

Whatever is coming up for you right now is revealing what you are ready to work with from a higher level of consciousness...

~ What am I learning in this situation?

~ How am I owning my power?

~ Am I supporting my soul evolution and transformation with love and self-acceptance?

A space of darkness is when we experience the zero point of a new beginning with a fresh burst of new light. When there is the appearance of nothing, it is the promise of every potential.

You are being called to own your darkness as potential light, and to own your power in a healthy way from a higher point of awareness. You'll know what this means for you - in fact, you already know which area of life is pushing in this direction.

Stay in your power and strength today as powerful new cycle begins!

You are wonderfully supported and loved as you fill up with your awesomeness and allow the rest to be complete. The gifts of transformation are everywhere!


Offering Hope: A Trump Presidency Is A True Consciousness Catalyst Opportunity

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 9:35 AM


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." (MLK, Jr) ~

I woke up with much to say and share about this election result, so I took to the microphone this morning with the intention of offering you comfort, perspective, and inspiration.

To sum it up: We are individually and collectively bigger than politics, than a world leader, than this temporary situation. The good news? **Our work for humanity has been identified.** We can see more clearly where greater LIGHT is needed. It is now up to each of us to decide how we will move forward with greater light, love, and awareness about the state of the United States and our contributions to humanity.

As many of you know, moving through a transformation process has the phases that are HARD before it gets easier. We're dealing with an outdated political system and watching it break down. From the breakdown, we will re-emerge with greater light and love for all. That takes time, and it is what we do with that time now that matters most.

Many more thoughts to share and inspire you with in this 30 minute podcast... In case it helps ~

Reality checks for where we are collectively can be tough, and many are in shock, despair, fear, and turmoil over Donald Trump's Presidency-elect win.

However you are feeling about this development, American or not, anti-Trump or not, this development has completely shaken the energy of the whole planet - emotionally, financially, politically, socially, psychologically.


Let's look at what this unexpected development means for humanity.


I have some higher-perspective messages to share with you about this election that I've been holding back until the results came in. I hope it helps shed light on this event. I hope it gives you a way to navigate where we are together on this planet.


Please listen with an open heart, an open mind, and a belief in what is POSSIBLE as we ride these waves of uncertainty.


At higher levels, all is well.

Maintain your focus and energy for the highest and best good for everyone involved, in any and all forms, knowing that everything brings us opportunities.

Listen here


New Astrology Class! What 2017 Has In Store For You

Posted on November 5, 2016 at 8:50 AM

New Year,

New Energies,

New Aspects of YOU Coming Through



2017 is a year filled with fresh energies and new opportunities that are going to open doors, create new relationship connections, support your personal energy, and consciously creating the next parts of your story.


It's a year we've been waiting for as we ring in more harmony, abundance, flow, and joy!



Get a heads up on what 2017 has in store for YOU as we look at the first 6 months of the year in your astrology chart!




When you are aware of these upcoming themes in your chart, you begin to fine-tune where your energy goes and what is worth your time.

Specific areas of your life will be Divinely supported in 2017, so let's take a look at where you can expect these advantages, opportunities, and flow to show up as your astrology chart provides you with clear guidance and answers around your main themes.

Read more here

The Next Part of Her Spiritual Journey

Posted on November 3, 2016 at 1:45 PM

And those are the best kinds of whispers!

More here

How We Contribute To Oneness

Posted on October 29, 2016 at 11:10 AM

From the newest book! 

Is Separation Consciousness The Bad Guy?

Posted on October 25, 2016 at 1:35 PM