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Posted on June 6, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Free Webinar: Plan Your Best Trip to Paris

Posted on May 28, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Is traveling to Paris on your bucket list?

Whether it's your first time to Paris, or you have been there many times, get ready to discover:



  • Tips for choosing a place to stay
  • 4 options for traveling from the airport to the City
  • Getting situated in Paris
  • Quintessential Parisian Experiences
  • Favorite little-known parks
  • Excellent Day Trips
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Plus, I give you free downloadable French Menu Cards so you can enjoy your favorite dishes at any restaurant or sidewalk cafe. 


Reminders For Walking In Your Truth

Posted on May 26, 2016 at 1:35 PM

This time is about the end of illusions. The end of hidden stories, hidden ideas, hidden ways, hidden truths. The word Truth has a lot of power, and yet it is astonishing how many are accustomed to covering up their truth in the name of "safety."

Being safe is not about covering up the Truth of who you truly are at your core.


Feeling "safe" is about honoring all of you without questions, without doubts, without any distractions.

For many, it is a new experience for the Soul to have this level of safety on the planet so there is caution and hesitation about stepping out in the full essence of You. But that is also why you are here - to experience yourself in this energetic paradigm and breathe in new levels of security.


As you walk in the world, there will be widening gaps between those who are walking in their personal Truth and those who are not. Many are losing jobs, homes, incomes, financial stability, relationships, and ways of living as a result of this widening gap. It is not meant to be a lesson in loss and despair, so much as it is a lesson in personal purpose and Soul growth.


The mind will choose to evaluate and the heart will choose to feel the experience - this is normal. But rise above the human faculties, and from a higher perspective, you will see that this energy has always been in your life - change, retraction, removal, upgrades. You do this with technology, cars, appliances, homes, clothes, and more. The illusion of what you want can no longer be hidden from you, nor anyone else. It is time for complete integrity and declaration of who you are and what you want. Nothing will stick to your energy that is not in alignment with this Truth.


If you approach every change with the mentality that it is ultimately happening for your best and highest good, you will connect to the next energy that is ready to greet you. When you break a phone, or your computer dies, you probably make the replacement a priority so you can continue on with your daily communications and tasks.


Apply the same energy to other changes, breakages, and unexpected developments, knowing that it is happening because the energetic match can no longer be sustained. And there is certainly a lot to move towards as more and more people are finally receiving the rewards they have been waiting years for. It is an exciting time to reap the goods of universal change.


If this message is connecting to you and raising your curiosity, then there is something here speaking to an innate wisdom inside of you. This innate wisdom is ready for a voice and outlet.


This is the part of you that has an eternal knowingness about your purpose in the world. Trust that knowingness. Allow new ideas to come up and marinate in your mind. Allow yourself to dream about the life you truly want, and then allow yourself the time to brainstorm those possibilities. As you do, the intention around personal Truth will grow and the next course of action will be clear.


Intentional change starts with a willingness to release illusions that are holding you "safe." The only true safety is in yourself, so walk in the world knowing that everything you need is already inside of you. It's time for a new level of awakening to truly begin. It's time for the illusions to disappear so your true purpose can show you the only way to be in the world. It’s time for you to breathe in the Truth that this is a safe and loving Universe.


As you experience changes and breakthroughs, know that integrity, honesty and Truth are the highest vibrating energies to guide you forward.


Everything else will fall away. Gracefully. Effortlessly. Lovingly.


Sharing this free excerpt from "Conscious Messages: Spiritual Wisdom and Inspirations for Awakening" with the intention that it helps you at this time.


Posted on May 23, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Your current life is only a fraction of the energies you have experienced as a soul.

When viewed from higher consciousness, you open up to the fullness of your soul story and a broader understanding about who you are as a soul, as well as the energies you are experiencing in this incarnation.


You as a soul are composed of many stories, and through your life, the energies of those stories are activated with the intention of guiding you to higher levels of consciousness.


Surely somewhere along your path you have asked yourself:

"Why has my life unfolded in this way? Why do I experience certain themes, or repeating patterns, or ongoing relationship dynamics and lessons? Why are some emotions bigger for me, and yet not as prevalent for other people? Why do I carry specific dominant needs that other people in my family do not relate to?"


For example, if you have experienced a theme of betrayal or abandonment in your life, where did that energy begin? If you have felt deep fears around your emotional expression, how did that originate for you as a soul? If you have found yourself locked into many ego battles with others, what is being triggered within you that can be released now?


Or perhaps you have noticed a theme in your life around lower female or masculine relationships that you wish to inject greater consciousness into because you want more authentic connections with other people. Whatever energies and themes may be prevalent for you, you will find greater understanding to them in healing your soul imprints.


Continue reading here...


Molly Mccord

Are You A Teacher Or A Student?

Posted on May 9, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Image from Scribing Life

Are you a teacher or a student in your everyday life?

Notice which answer comes to mind immediately.

Look at the patterns of behavior you exhibit regularly and unconsciously: are you answering others' questions often or seeking information regularly?

Which direction do you tend to go in a room full of people: are you a speaker or a listener?

Confession: This is actually a trick question. You are BOTH a teacher and a student. You have the gifts of speaking and listening. You have the expertise to share and digest. You are equipped to play both roles: giving and receiving, offering and accepting. They are a balancing act within that we bring to the world.

The answer you choose first will reveal what voice is louder in your Being: your Soul voice or your Ego-mind voice. And before rushing to any judgments or conclusions that one is "better" than the other, keep in mind that both are necessary and valuable. Both are parts of you.

Teaching is a service that we offer to others looking for wisdom, understanding, and new information about themselves. Teaching is giving.

Studying is being open to new information and willing to apply it to life for greater growth and balance. Studying is receiving.

We often lean to one role over the other unconsciously because it is more comfortable, or more empowering, or more of a natural fit. Yet we must not lose sight of the need to balance both giving and receiving for our greatest possible growth. We are gifted with both abilities and have the power to use them for the highest good for All.

Honor your wise Soul as a teacher with qualifications, experience, knowledged and gifts to offer. Honor all who are willing and open to be students of your wisdom.

Honor your wise Self for being an open student eager to learn new information and expand beyond a known comfort zone. Honor your teachers for all they give to you.

Both parts of you are needed and essential. Both are gifts you can offer and share. Both have the potential to elevate you to higher levels of self-knowledge and personal empowerment.

What do YOU as a Teacher look like in the Real World:

  • Teaching classes on a topic that brings you joy naturally
  • Sharing tutorials and how-tos on a blog or website
  • Offering additional insights in everyday conversations
  • Writing "just because"
  • Nurturing and encouraging growth in others

What do YOU as a Student look like in the Real World:

  • Seeking answers willingly to any topic of personal interest
  • Scheduling sessions with other practitioners
  • Attending conferences around a passion
  • Reading "just because"
  • Planting seeds in any area of life and nurturing them for growth

Most likely both of these lists connect to your area of expertise and growing interests.

For today, simply hold the intention to grow in both areas. Balance yourself internally with the knowingness that you are a Master at giving and receiving. Honor yourself as a Master who is expanding and growing in each role.

You are gifted with the wisdom of teaching and the wisdom of learning.

Go out there and SHINE.


Lighthouses, Light-shiners

Posted on April 17, 2016 at 2:15 PM



The best use of your energy throughout the year may be in simply “holding the flame.” Spiritual mastery is found in allowing each person the full experience of their own energy so they can see their power in action. Consciousness can only be taught to those who are willing to listen and learn, or it is like relentlessly pouring water through a sieve and expecting drops to accumulate.

Take a moment to visualize yourself as a lighthouse. Feel grounded in the earth. Stable in your core. Strong in your posture. Bright in your third eye chakra. Radiate light out into the world intentionally. There is also a feeling of protection in a lighthouse. You are protecting your energy field and maintaining its vibrancy without exposing it to external elements and unneeded experiences.

Be vigilant this year about where your energy goes out into the world, and ensure it’s coming from a high-vibrational place most of the time. This will take practice because it will not be your first response in all circumstances to be high vibrational, and some storms will be harder to navigate because they are connected to one of your Soul lessons. Hold the intention of being an energetic lighthouse and light-shiner so you can consciously maintain your energy and elevate yourself to a higher perspective.

This is the energy of a Spiritual Being rather than a Spiritual Human. You are being an energy, offering waves of light, and trusting the energy to do what it must do. The practice of Being will be evident throughout the year as an intentional practice of grounding, shining, and loving yourself.


The Art of Trapeze: A Few Words of Appreciation

Posted on March 22, 2016 at 1:45 PM

One of the best parts about being an author is connecting with you, the gorgeous reader, and hearing your feedback.

When I wrote my spiritual memoir, The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening, and put it "out there", it brought up all kinds of emotions and thoughts within me that were both invigorating and unexpected. And then the sharing was made even richer as *you* offered your inspirations and impressions from the book.

It's been incredible to hear how many of you relate to my time in North Carolina. You've sent me emails sharing your similar experiences, and I have to tell you that I REALLY appreciate it! We're never alone in our toughest times as these are often when we can relate even more to others.  That part of the book was really hard for me to write and put out there, so THANK YOU for being so kind and open with sharing your tough times, too. 

And if you're interested, I compiled a few photos of Paris so you can see my apartments and check out the neighborhood I lived in - if you're someone who appreciates visuals. 

Pssst.... I've also written a guidebook to Paris if you have any travel plans coming up? It's here if you want to check it out.

New Astrology Tarot Class Starts Soon!

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 11:50 AM


Get ready to CREATE and PLAY with Spirit as we connect your astrology chart with ancient wisdom and meaning of Tarot!




In our 6 weekly classes together, we'll look at the individual elements of your astrology energy and connect it to Tarot wisdom, including:




- Your most important astrological energies and how they relate to a Tarot deck


- Your unique energetic connection to the Tarot


- What messages Spirit has for you about your chart


- The main areas where you will be continually growing and evolving throughout 2016


- TRUSTING YOURSELF to understand the messages




Are you new to Astrology or Tarot – or just need a refresher?








We'll talk about the basics of both.


I will guide you through the magic of both spiritual modalities and discuss how they support each other in lovely ways - it's really cool!



Most importantly, you'll get better at TRUSTING the messages Spirit has for you and knowing that YES, you are tuning into your intuition and soul guidance.




Get more information right here

When You Love What You Do

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 10:50 AM

A natural high arrives when you love what you do.

A synergy, infusion of joy, feeling of satisfaction, and inner peace surrounds my presence that can't be put into words - and that's perfect. Divinely perfect.

Doing what we love is a gift of nourishment we offer to ourselves and others. A gift of service, of connection, and of an energy force that is bigger than a single person. It is a quantum paradigm of expanding energy. 

We have ENOUGH responsibilities, commitments, and obligations in our modern world that we have to attend to. We are also responsible for attending to our inspirations and creative force. Finding the flow, calm, and ease within ourselves.

Follow what you love knowing that it benefits many beyond what you can measure, see, understand. Take a single step, a small step, any step. Just go with the feel-goodness as it greets you. Go with the hints, nudges, and whispers as they beckon to you. 

Trust yourself. Trust your messages. Trust.

And then act on those inspired feelings because that is the pathway you are ready to take. THAT is what you are here to follow/do/offer/contribute/heal.

I love offering my astrology services because it's an opportunity for me to combine my intellectual and intuitive worlds seamlessly. It's not work, it's not play; it's ease and grace. 

Where do you find graceful ease in your world? Follow that path as it calls to you.

If you need quick inspiration, listen or download the podcast on Conscious Happiness to connect with being in the flow, being of service, and being in a joyful place.

Now Available! Single Chapters with Spiritual Teachings

Posted on March 9, 2016 at 12:20 PM

6 soul stories. 6 chapters with spiritual teachings. 6 complete adventures.

Now each of the soul adventures from "The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire" are available as single chapters! 

Each one is a complete story designed to inspire you, heal you, and propel you forward with greater consciousness about your life experiences. 

And they are especially great for reading as you travel or when you only have a short amount of time. 

I hope you enjoy them! Or if you want to buy the full book, you can get 20% off the paperback version.

What Can You Give Right Now?

Posted on March 6, 2016 at 11:40 AM

The act of giving is a demonstration of Divine Trust.

I know I have enough.

I know I AM taken care of.

I know all of my needs are being met now. And they will be met every day in amazing ways.

Giving can be done in all forms and manners. It can be whatever feels right for you at that moment. The size is not important, but the intention around it is.

If you want to create more of something - anything - in your life, the secret is to give it away first.

Create the space for it. Move the energy forward by giving what you wish to receive. This may sound counter-intuitive to your Ego Mind, but it is the way of the Universe. And the Universe resides in your heart.

Having a hard day? Give a smile to a stressed out bank teller.

Worried about money? Give an extra $5 tip to a server.

Feeling rushed? Give space to someone on the freeway.

Needing support? Give a hug to a dear friend just because.

Looking for more joy? Give kind words to anyone you find online who has made your day better.

Wanting more success? Give acknowledgment to yourself for doing the best you can every day.

Just give. Daily.

Allow the energy of giving to expand, expand, expand around you so you become open to more possibilities. More options. More flow in your life. More of what you want to receive.

Allow the Universe to do its amazing work through you and for you. Show it where you want the energy to flow.

Giving yourself as a present in the present is the gift that always keeps on giving.

Give it up!


Why I Believe In Women for Women International

Posted on March 3, 2016 at 12:10 PM

One of my earliest formative experiences was the power of giving during the holiday season. My two brothers and I would buy Christmas gifts for kids our own age, wrap them up, and drop them off at a local organization. My heart was full with how doing something so easy for us would result in huge smiles for another on Christmas morning.

Conscious advocacy and volunteering my time has always been an ongoing passion. I’ve donated my time and marketing expertise to help a local hunger non-profit elevate their profile in the community and increase their fundraising efforts. A friend and I volunteered regularly at a soup kitchen on Sunday mornings; we chopped veggies for chili, made sandwiches with donated ingredients, and helped serve meals to a long line of homeless citizens. Through community outreach efforts, I’ve stood in front of groups of young women educating them about sexual violence prevention, and facilitated sensitive conversations about rape, power, and control.

As an ESL teacher, I’ve volunteered in classrooms to help international adult students learn English, and I have worked with very basic learners all the way up to more advanced groups. I’ve sat across from women eagerly learning colors for the first time, as well as the names of rooms in their houses. I’ve been put on the spot by very curious advanced students wanting to understand English idioms, such as why “the ball is in your court” or “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” or what it means “to catch somebody red-handed." You think you know English well - until you teach it! :)

My conscious advocacy turned global in graduate school as I chose my Master’s thesis to focus on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which are eight quantifiable and measurable goals aimed at reducing extreme global poverty.

Every country on the planet and all of the world’s leading institutions have agreed to participate and/or support these eight goals. My deep-dive research, which was conducted back in 2006 and 2007, revealed many amazing projects that are happening around the globe, including the Millennium Villages Project that helps rural villages transition to sustainable, integrated life solutions they can maintain on their own. Currently, 500,000 people in 14 sites across 10 countries are involved in this project.

The Millennium Development Goals are not well known because they’re not ‘sexy’ or driven by a celebrity, but they are transforming the world. Right now. As you sit here reading this, people are receiving mosquito nets to prevent the spread of malaria; tapping into fresh water for their village; giving birth in healthy conditions, and learning about their human rights for the first time. Amazing, right?

So giving back and helping our global sisters and brothers in practical ways has always been a priority. Even when life was incredibly busy and I didn’t have room for one more thing on my plate, I was searching for an organization that I felt a strong connection to based on this criteria:

  • Efforts resulted in sustainable, practical life changes;
  • Personal connections of some sort were encouraged and developed;
  • People who are genuinely interested and committed to improving their lives and creating their dreams are supported.

Women for Women International is an organization that meets my personal criteria and also supports the efforts of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Being selected as an Ambassador is an incredible honor, and deeply inspires me to spread the word about their incredible program.

I'll be sharing more success stories and updates through email and social media, and hopefully inspiring YOU to participate in our global efforts as well. Online events and fundraising goals will also be shared.

We are very lucky to live in a time when we have so much to be grateful for. And we're blessed to be able to support others in improving their lives and creating their dreams, too!

You can read more about this great non-profit right here!

Release Work in Action

Posted on February 27, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Release work is a major huge theme right now and will continue until the Spring Equinox on March 20 as we individually and collectively let go of what is outgrown for us to make room for truer, higher personal expressions of Self. More awesomeness is ahead!

The purpose of release work is to let go of all shapes, sizes, and versions of Fear in order to make room for more expressions of Love. This is the deep-level stuff rooted in core soul lessons, childhood patterns, unconscious behaviors, deep-seated emotional needs, and belief systems. It takes conscious, energetic intention to get through this level of work - and it is all 100% supported for you. Or else it wouldn't be brought to your attention.

What messages are you receiving right now about change in your life? Those messages are probably becoming louder and louder because NOW is the time for change. And we are all at different levels of transformation.

Your Ego might chime in loudly to say “I don’t have to do that type of thing,” or “I’m already done with that stuff,” or “This doesn’t apply to me, there’s nothing wrong!” But the Ego is only working out of a deeper fear of change because it can't "see" what's next. 

Connect to your heart and the quiet places inside that know All is Well. Pay attention to any soft whispers you keep hearing from within. Notice where you are having doubts and reservations. Observe where there is struggle and roadblocks. Consider what now represents “where you’ve been” instead of “where you are going.”

Be willing to listen more throughout the day as messages continue to pop up quickly and seemingly out of nowhere.

That energy is your soul guiding you along, giving you a big hug that everything is happening Divinely and perfectly for your journey!


Om on the Go: 5 Meditation Places For Your Real Life

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Meditate anywhere like the superstar you are!

In "Om on the Go: Five Meditation Places For Your Real Life," discover five ways to consciously relax regardless of what is going on around you.

  • Ground yourself anywhere.
  • Relax your mind. 
  • Visualize an om globe.
  • Take it with you as if you're still in your meditation space.

Sound good?

Get it here on Elephant Journal:

Om on the Go: Five Meditation Places for Your Real Life

5 Types of Consciousness

Posted on February 8, 2016 at 10:45 AM

One of my favorite topics to discuss because it can lead you to greater understandings about your life, relationships, emotions, purpose, and path - for reals! 

Click through a free experience of the 5 Types of Consciousness starting here - Real World examples and explanations included!