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Consciousness Awesomeness
for your soul's growth

Consciousness Awesomeness

for your soul's growth


New audio book now available! Get a free copy

Posted on August 21, 2016 at 2:00 PM

Your Soul is composed of layers and imprints of wisdom that are all ready to be embraced now – but are you looking in the right places? Do you see what is currently present in yourself as messages about your power? Are you connecting with the truth of who you truly are and owning the beauty of your limitless Soul?


"The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire" is filled with spiritual connections, healing, passion, forgiveness, love, emotional depths, peace, and unexpected wisdom to connect you more personally with your greater Soul discovery.


You are here to heal all energies back to their original source of Love, and in this lifetime, you have everything you need to fulfill that mission - right here, right now.


"The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire", Book Three in the Awakening Consciousness Series, is now available as an audio book to take you even deeper into the understandings of your Soul’s energy.

Listen to a free sample by the awesome narrator here

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Are You Open To Receive Right Now?

Posted on August 19, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Open Up Your Heart by Grietje Haitsma

Receiving is a necessary component to the continual flow of Universal energy.


Receiving balances. It renews. It is the inhale to every exhale. It is a connection to the eternal ebb and flow of blessings that surround us.

Receiving energy is required for your life force to prosper, grow and breathe.

It is your birthright to receive in numerous ways as cycles of energy come to you.

When you are open to receiving, miracles happen. Doors burst open. Gifts arrive with your name on them. People who need your talents find you.

Often times we meet receiving opportunities with our Ego Mind leading the way:

What did I do to deserve this?

Is this a mistake?

Do I need to pay for this?

Ah, no, this would be better suited for someone else.

No, thank you! I'm doing okay as it is.

Yet a Universal truth is that like-energy attracts like-energy. If something has arrived in front of you, it is an opportunity to receive the like-energy that you exhibit in the world. You absolutely deserve it without further questioning, analysis or doubt.

Receive with grace. Be open to all the possibilities of happiness, creativity and abundance you deserve.

Allow it all to come flooding in.

Inhale. Exhale. Allow. Receive. With grace.

Shifting Energies of 2016

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 7:45 PM

We've glided - or stumbled - into the second half of 2016, and we have a significant shift in energy as we move - or dance! - through the remaining months of the year.

If you've wondered if you've missed anything... or went on a divergent path... or had more "stop" than "go" in 2016... this show will bring your heart, head, and soul to rest with a reassuring message.

I'll be discussing the astrology energies that are different now, and how 2016 is a transition year for many of us.

Listen here!



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2-for-1 deal on my Mastery Courses now!

Posted on August 12, 2016 at 3:15 AM


Special 2-for-1 Offer Happening Now!



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12 Universal Spiritual Laws and Mastering Abundance In Your Spiritual Business

Conscious Choices:

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How can you navigate karmic relationships and karmic patterns effectively?



What Spiritual Law do you need to practice when you feel emotional intensity arise?



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What are the spiritual significances of sleeping, procrastination, digestion, and your financial status?



How can there be a Law of Abundance when our world has extreme poverty and lack?



This MEGA Mastery Course features 12 audio recordings, 12 guidebooks, and 46 exercises so you can be a true Master of energy in your life.



Are you ready to own all of your energetic power?



The world needs more Energy Masters right now!

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When She Answers The Call of Her Soul

Posted on August 10, 2016 at 2:35 PM

Step into your Soul energy and everything changes, baby!

More here!

Achieve Inner Health Through Forgiveness

Posted on August 3, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Forgiveness is more than saying/thinking/believing in the words "I forgive you..."

It is the very act of giving away the energy that you no longer wish to connect with in another person, experience, thoughts, or in yourself.

Forgiveness is for giving away all that you choose to be complete with. It is a decision to release what is outgrown, over, and complete - with Love.

This includes parts of yourself.

Oftentimes we can mistake the actions, words and emotions of another as needing forgiveness.

But a greater truth lies in consciously connecting with the part of yourself that energetically connected to that action, word and emotion in the first place.

We are growing, expanding individuals continually given the opportunity to let go and move ahead on our Soul's path. The highest way to do that?

With gratitude for the experience and how we grew,

With joy for the relationship and the gifts it brought us,

With compassion for the feelings and all the "shadow stuff" that may have been dredged up,

With acceptance for ourselves as someone whom is always trying their best.

When you can give away the energy you no longer wish to carry in yourself, you also release those energetic connections with others.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself with love, acceptance and compassion.

And it leds to greater inner health as a stepping stone to higher Self-Love.

What can you forgive in yourself today with Love?

Get my latest audio book for free

Posted on July 29, 2016 at 12:45 PM

Yay, I have an awesome offer for you!

This is a NEW audiobook of one of my books, "Conscious Messages: Spiritual Wisdom and Inspirations for Awakening".... and it has the most amazing narrator... seriously, her voice is hypnotic and lovely and soothing!

You will love it and be happy to have it on your phone!

You can download and listen to this for free with a new Audible membership.

I hope you ENJOY this one - it will be worth listening to over and over when you're down, stuck, in a rut, or having a bad day. It's a high-vibe resource! <3



Servin' Up Spiritual Breakthroughs This Week

Posted on July 27, 2016 at 12:20 PM

One of the big energies we are building up to and feeling strongly this week is Uranus in Aries preparing to go retrograde on Friday. ‪The planet is currently slowing down (yellow light)... to stop at the red light and head in reverse until December. (He is at 24 degrees Aries and will venture back to 20 degrees Aries until December 29, revisiting his path since April 2016.)


Uranus is the planet of disruption, breakthroughs, breakdowns, chaos, lightening strikes, technology, the internet, groups, rebellions, and individuality. He shows us where we are not being ourselves, and where we need to follow the beat of our own drum. We do not want to be told what to do; instead, we want the freedom to follow our own vision and creations. And as we do that, then we connect with a soul tribe that meets us at that same energetic vibration and frequency.


Uranus is also the planet of spiritual awakenings and opening up to higher cosmic wisdom. It rules astrology, metaphysics, and anything that is 'out there' and ahead of mass consciousness. Visionary and cerebral, we are encouraged to think beyond borders and outside of the box - because is there really a box in the first place?


In Aries, Uranus shows up as an assertion of individual identity and honoring who you really are at a soul level. It's where you are crumbling because you can't be 'something else' to others; you can only be yourself and you won't pretend anymore!

In many ways, this planet is showing you a starting point for the next phase of your life because you are coming to understand more of yourself than ever before. Your I AM energy is being activated in a way that you can embrace, own, and integrate into your life.


From now until the end of the year, we'll be looking within for more answers and deeper understandings around our spiritual awakenings process. It is a wonderful time to explore metaphysics, astrology, universal energies, and anything that raises your curiosity because that is Uranus in Aries reminding you of your light and eternal connection to the cosmos.


Read more about your astrological sun sign here:


Onwards we roll!


Do you like astrology? We discuss it more often in my private astrology group, so send me a private message through my Facebook page if you'd like to join!

Connecting with Higher Perspectives in Challenging Times

Posted on July 27, 2016 at 3:45 AM

We can easily feel discouraged or troubled if we look around at what is happening in the world and wonder WTF?!

Politics, violence, shootings, upheaval - is there any chance of this stuff ending or changing?

It can all make our energy sink as we enter the darker caves of negativity, fear, anger, and despair.


In this show, we'll look at how we are made for these times and made for this chaos - do you feel it within yourself?

As a Soul, we each chose to be here at this time in order to maintain the light, vibration, and higher consciousness of understanding about the current cycles of energies.


Let's return to this knowingness and higher perspectives! What if everything is happening right on time?

Listen right here to the newest episode!

Now Available! Single Chapters with Spiritual Teachings

Posted on July 21, 2016 at 1:20 PM

6 soul stories. 6 chapters with spiritual teachings. 6 complete adventures.

Now each of the soul adventures from "The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire" are available as single chapters! 

Each one is a complete story designed to inspire you, heal you, and propel you forward with greater consciousness about your life experiences. 

And they are especially great for reading as you travel or when you only have a short amount of time. 

I hope you enjoy them! Or if you want to buy the full book, you can get 20% off the paperback version.

Etheric Healing Powers and Soul Ascension

Posted on July 19, 2016 at 11:55 AM

The energy of your mind is always creating in your subconscious - but are you fully aware of the whole soul story?

Are you connecting to the origin of the problem or simply re-treating the same symptoms?


With meditation and deep spiritual practices, Teresa leads you to new healing solutions and remedies that work with the source of the issue on an energetic soul level.

Listen to her marvelous healing stories and hear how each person is furthered along on their soul ascension by understanding the past life energies they are connecting with right now. You'll be inspired!

Listen here



Teresa Leming is a former Self-I-Dentity through Ho'Oponopono coordinator and instructor of the international foundation, IZI LLC. For the last 8 years, she has studied the mystical Hawaiian healing techniques of Ho’Oponopono directly under the famous Dr. Hew Len, co-author with Dr. Joe Vitale of Zero Limits. She is certified in many areas of metaphysical practices, such as: Reiki Master, Etheric Realm Healing, Energy Healing, Metaphysics 101, 7 Keys to Kundalini, Akashic Record Meditation, Munay-Ki, The 9 Great Rites of Initiation & Shamanic Portal, Divine Light Rays, and Aura and Chakra Healing. Visit her website for healing remedies and more info:

Do You Have An Inspiring Story To Share?

Posted on July 17, 2016 at 11:10 AM

You heard a Call of Your Soul - and you had to answer it.

Then you went on a journey to higher spiritual wisdom, deeper healing, personal power, and/or greater heart happiness.

Now your soul story has the ability to benefit women worldwide.

Submissions now open for a special non-profit book project!

Beautiful contributions are coming in from women of all ages - WOW.

Share with us how you answered a Call of Your Soul in an authentic, empowering way that led you to more of YOU. Some possible stories include:

- Leaving behind an outgrown version of yourself (relationship, friendship, lifestyle, etc.)

- Following a passion or business venture

- A deep healing experience that involved grief, heartache, pain, or fear

- Embarking on a spiritual quest

- Moving to a new place

- Starting your life over in a whole new way

- Acknowledging what your heart needs

- Stepping into a new role that required you to expand

- Any leap of faith you've taken in your life!


Are you ready to put your journey into a 2,000 essay to inspire and connect with other women around the world? 

Time to get moving - the deadline is July 31.

Trust what you feel as you read this. If you are excited, inspired, motivated, and willing to do so, allow that energy to be your guiding beacon.

Together, we will harness the power of women's awakening journeys and turn them into a vehicle that improves the world - literally. Seriously.

Check out all the details here:

And watch a free webinar here: Addressing 5 Fears of Writing From Your Soul



Summer of Changes and Choices

Posted on July 16, 2016 at 12:50 PM

It's a summer of shifts, changes, choices, and your next steps - are you feeling it?

We're making decisions that are meant to be in alignment with your next vision.

You know, the one you've been considering and tossing around since late 2015? Yep, that's the one!

And by the end of the summer, it will be clearer.


In the meantime, take the next best step in front of you. I share more in this episode about trusting what to do - and knowing where you're getting hung up!

Listen here!



So Impressive + Beautiful

Posted on July 13, 2016 at 1:10 PM



Beautiful contributions are coming in already for the Modern Heroine Soul Stories non-profit book project - and they are an absolute joy to read.


Heartfelt, interesting, authentic, intuitive, REAL.


Women are sharing their personal soul stories about...





Trusting her voice.

Moving through lack.

Believing in herself.


Each contribution has its own beauty, spark, and energy field to it. You can feel it come through in her words.


But the most important thing for you to remember?


Do not focus on what another person is writing or contributing.


Focus on YOUR story.

Focus on YOUR voice.

Focus on YOUR style.

Focus on YOUR message that will inspire, empower, and teach others in a beautiful way.


There is no limit to the number of stories that will be accepted into this book, so (again) do not worry about how many people are contributing or anything like that. If you have something to say and feel an excitement around this opportunity, that is your nudge to go for it and put your heart on paper. It may just flow out of you and be easier than you expect!


I put together more tips for your essay, and I have made myself available for one-on-one guidance if you'd benefit from 2 personalized sessions. Details here

{Extended!} Your essay should be around 2,000 words.


All book submissions due by July 31, 2016.

Ready to share your Modern Heroine Soul Story?