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Responsibility With Your Spiritual Gifts

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 12:55 PM

How much of your energy should you share with others, and how much should you keep for yourself?

What spiritual gifts should be private, and which ones should be public?

And how do you know the difference? 


There is not one simple answer, of course, but it is always very wise for your energy to make choices that honor what you need. 


In this show, we'll look at how to honor and respect yourself and your spiritual gifts, while sharing and supporting others in ways that feel best for you.


We'll also define what the heck spiritual gifts are, and talk about lesser-known ones because you do not need to be psychic or a channel to have them! Those are such a 1990's description. :)

Listen online here

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(Episode originally aired in 2016) 



Energetic Exfoliation As Regular Self-Care

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 11:40 AM

Energy is always in motion. In our bodies alone, cells continually reproduce (up to six times a day or more!) to support our maximum growth.

As energy moves and transmutes, we must release what has outgrown our energy fields and allow it to fall away. The visual and mental component of this is typically very simple; it’s the emotional and energetic release that we will be given opportunities to master throughout 2013.

Make it a priority to continually exfoliate yourself to maintain the highest levels of energies within your being. How do you do this, you may wonder? Clean your aura, receive regular physical healing (acupuncture, massage, jin shin jyutsu, etc.), work with energy clearing modalities, incorporate daily meditations, and/or follow whatever interests you. Plus, drinking lots of water, eating high-quality foods, exercise, and connection with nature will also support the exfoliation process.

The essence of this theme is to actively and regularly work with energy so you can be in peak form often. The higher dimensions that we live in and have huge access to vibrate with fast, clear energy. You will make the most out of this year by incorporating fast, clear energy into your lifestyle.

Not to mention, you may hear "wow, you look amazing!" quite often. (And it's because you do look amazing, of course.)


To work with exfoliation simply:

Bless and release energy regularly. Tune into your body for information about what it needs since the body is direct communicator.

Focus on what you learned: What are the gifts of this release process?

Open up to more: What is coming to your awareness that is new and exciting?

This is just one of five spiritual themes we are experiencing as we move forward into new paradigms.  Just like you need to take care of your physical self every day, make your energy self-care a daily priority, too.

Your Soul Purpose and Your Life Purpose

Posted on June 10, 2018 at 9:50 AM

A lot of us ask at some point in our lives: What Is My Soul Purpose?

Your soul purpose is different than your life purpose because they are different energy fields. 

Watch this video for a quick rundown of how to differentiate between the two in order to make the most of both energies in your life.

Watch here

In my new videos series on YouTube, I'm teaching spiritual concepts from my 12th book, "The Truth Always Rises: Torches of Light for Life’s Darker Passages".  Please check out the other videos that may help you learn more about your truth and what is in alignment for you. 

We Cannot Do The Human Journey Alone

Posted on June 8, 2018 at 7:55 AM

We've had two public suicides this week and both are absolutely heartbreaking. It was just confirmed that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in a French hotel, and we heard of Kate Spade's passing earlier this week. We never truly know what someone is feeling, thinking, or how they are suffering... we never know what is going on behind the mask or in the depths of the fears they carry, whether those are sorrows, doubts, self-hate, anger, pain, depression, or any combination of emotions that create the inner human landscape.

We ALL have hardships in life...we all have hurts, pain, and places within us that can turn darker. It is part of the journey - the rises and the falls, the twists and the turns - and it is incredibly personal to each of us. It is private and we can even feel shame about having those feelings buried inside; those voices that get louder at times.


Please DO NOT buy into the Perfect Life of other people on social media... please do not spend time thinking everyone else is doing better than you or has it made... please do not feel like you are left behind, or the only one struggling, or alone in the shadows, or that all is lost. If you get to that point - at any time in your life - where these messages feel too strong and overpowering, you are in the perfect place to use your humanness to connect with another person's humanness and say you need help...or just an ear...or a private conversation to get it out. We all need help. We CANNOT do this human stuff by ourselves or on our own. We all need each other.

I work with amazing people all over the globe every day who are each dealing with SOMETHING that is hard - on their heart, in their minds, in their relationships, or within themselves. We all have our weak spots and vulnerable areas that take us away from positivity and feeling good at times. There is a lot of propaganda online about what life should look like... and a lot of it is bullsh*t because it is only one side of life. Life is a shifting, changing kaleidoscope of emotions, colors, and flavors - and we are each strong enough to navigate the high tides and the low tides, but that doesn't mean you have to be totally alone sailing through a storm.

Please know other people can relate more than you. Please don't go into the sinkholes of despair that leave you feeling trapped for long. Please make the phone call to a trusted source, or text a dear friend, and get it out of your head and into a conversation with someone who loves you and cares about your inner world.

If you do not have that person, or even know who that would be, you can anonymously speak to experts on mental health. Please look up resources in your country. Google "mental health", "community resources for healing', :free support groups in my area", or anything of similar wording.

Even when life gets hard, you have more support and resources for getting through it. You're never TRULY alone, and "this too shall pass." That is not a cheap platitude or instant fix, but it is meant to give you a long-term perspective that there are solutions and ways through the hard times.

Personally, I feel a quiet devastation every time I hear of a person taking their life, especially a public person who brought so many good things into the world. These events can trigger our own hurt, pain, and heartaches. There is no one solution for all of us, but there is a solution for everyone to get through hard times.

The best thing you can do some times is cry it out and let yourself feel it. If you can do that for yourself, then you have gifted yourself with the reality of being human. And that is a beautiful thing indeed. <3

Love and blessings to everyone who is affected by these passings or anyone who feels it deeply in their soul. 


Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

NEW Business Development Videos + Guidance

Posted on May 30, 2018 at 11:25 AM

Over 2 years in the making and it is time!

A whole new offering of videos + stories + tips + advice for expanding your business as an Indie Author, Solopreneur, or Inspired Creative is HERE!

You'll find information + guidance that is:


Believing in yourself is essential to dream-building. You’ve got this.


A real business is a long-term endeavor. You in for the whole crazy ride?


Starting with the right expectations and a strong work ethic pays off exponentially.


Focus on what works and leave the extras for later.

Strategic Guidance

Apply well-tested corporate knowledge to your entrepreneurial efforts.

Time-saving Advice

Do the essentials and establish a solid foundation as early as possible.

It is all designed to help you take your

passion + business + books to higher levels of joy + results.

 Topics include:


- Overview + Perks of Being an Indie Author

- So You Want To Make More Money

- Make It Personal. Your Brand's Success Depends On It

- What Is Your Most Important Long-Term Business Priority?



I'm just getting started with this business content and will be sharing with you information that no one else is talking about.

Watch here

Conscious Ego Energies

Posted on May 27, 2018 at 10:05 AM

Big energy changes have a tendency to active our egos more. Have you noticed that in yourself?

The ego wants to be in control, wants to know what to do next with certainty, and wants to be RIGHT. It searches for validation, acknowledgement, and a way to "win" an argument or obtain the top prize. Unhealthy ego behavior can involve excessive competition, too much pride, righteous indignation, and power struggles. You can probably find examples of any of these in your life experiences, right?

Right now, we're being given the opportunity to trust more, take a bigger risk, stretch a little further, step outside a comfort zone. Everything you want to create or experience next is probably OUT THERE and not known right now... yes? Which makes it the prime time for the ego to freak out on some level and grasp for safety! 

And whether you've been on a spiritual path for awhile, or all of this is new to you, it seems that many teachers and experts will tell you that the Ego is BAD. Baaaaaad. It's the enemy, the part of you that needs to be destroyed, something to be put away forever. Die, ego, die (insert sound of fatal knife stabbing).

The ego gets a bad rap because we see many unhealthy displays of it in our modern lives - and then we take that "ego is bad" messaging and we turn it inward on ourselves. Am I bad cuz my ego is acting up right now?

Which only creates greater inner struggle. Or guilt. Or shame. Or self-judgment. Or unreasonable expectations of Self.

Because we ALL have an ego. It's alive within each of us. It's part of you and your self-identity on some level.

I don't think it's realistic to expect yourself to be ego-less while you are a human.

The ego isn't the bad guy. It's just highly misunderstood and excessively over-used.

Carl Jung described the ego as the dot in the middle of this circle.  The ego is part of you, but it is not ALL of you.

And we all know people who have a VERY big dot in the middle, right! :)

The circle AND the dot represent all of you, all of your full Self.

Now look at the circle again, and see all of the space within it? The smallness of the ego in comparison to the vastness of its whole? Now imagine how that dot in the middle can INTEGRATE with the other elements of Self and support it.

There are healthy ways to consciously use your ego energy so that it uplifts you, everyone around you, and adds many benefits to your life. This understanding will lead to greater self-acceptance, as well as how you can practice healthy ego energies on an on-going basis.

[Know what's also cool about that image? It's the astrological glyph for the Sun, which is your I AM energy. And did you know Carl Jung also studied and practiced astrology? Yep, he combined astrology and psychology in his studies and professional practice.]

If you've ever wondered how to get a handle on your ego energy, I share more insights about this important topic on this week's radio show. Equally important, I'll share how to take care of yourself if you are on the receiving end of an onslaught of ego energies - yiiiikes! - and how to consciously connect with your power.

Your ego can work for you in courageous ways as we move through April and the rest of this year. It's an ally, not the enemy.

P.S. 300+ podcasts are available for online streaming here or you can download any episode on iTunes.




5 Types of Consciousness On The Planet Now

Posted on May 15, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Consciousness is the understanding that everything around us has meaning associated with it. Everything has consciousness because everything has energy. Becoming more conscious is an opening to greater awareness about the interconnectedness of all things, including all energies beyond the realms of the five senses. Exploring consciousness invites expansion into higher levels of awareness.

From the words we say and the actions we take, to our food, numbers, rocks, animals, geographic locations, and everything else around us (a rather large category), all energies hold consciousness.

Consciousness involves many overlapping factors that contribute to an energetic whole. On an individual level, our emotions, thoughts, vocabulary, and actions all hold a type of consciousness that reflects our personal energy.

On a global scale, humanity is collectively creating a level of consciousness about the human experience, the planet, nature, and our responsibility to the earth. Mass consciousness is a reflection of our collective energy.

There are currently five dominant types of consciousness present today, co-existing, spreading, retracting. I am specifically identifying these as types of consciousness and not levels because levels implies hierarchy or dominance. Using the word type is highly intentional as a way to move beyond the polarities of good and bad; right and wrong; better and worse.

Each type of consciousness offers a different perspective, understanding, and opportunities for growth. Each type has value in providing information and describing experiences. Each type also allows us to choose what perspective is best for our individual, and collective, growth.

Check out the 5 types of consciousness here!




Advice for Authors: Bad Reviews and What To Do About Them

Posted on May 14, 2018 at 11:25 AM

One of the hardest aspects of writing a book and putting yourself out there is being on the receiving end of bad reviews. It can rock you or feel like a stab to the heart - but it is part of our world as authors and creators so we have to get stronger with these opinions and the feedback.

Every week, influential indie author Mark Dawson shares excellent advice for authors and writers looking to grow their career.

In this week's Self Publishing Formula podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with James, Mark's cohost, about 5 types of bad reviews and what to do about them, including:

- Differentiating between a bad opinion and someone who has valuable feedback

- The five different types of negative reviews

- Tips for dealing with each type of review

- Understanding your rights as an author and when to contest a review

- The importance of self-management when dealing with bad reviews

- Relying on the author community and friends we trust for objective opinions

Listen to the podcast here, and be sure to download the PDF guide for more strategies and tips, too.

The Biggest Leap

Posted on May 5, 2018 at 11:25 AM

13 years ago today, I boarded a plane to Paris, giant suitcases in tow, ready for a new life-changing adventure.

You know when you're answering a Call of Your Soul because you cannot ignore it, nor deny it, nor delete it.

It is waiting for you to grab it and go for it with gusto - and to trust in bigger ways than you've ever known before. A significant life change will eventually open you up to more of YOU and connect you with deeper levels of authenticity that get to the heart of who you are now.

As you continue to follow that Call of Your Soul, you change and grow and become a newer version of yourself. I look back to that day in May and remember everything that was unknown and exciting; the crazy concoction of "can't wait" and "just a bit scared." I'm super proud of that previous version of myself who had no idea how much she would become along the way.

Becoming your own heroine is an experience of all energies, and the journey shows up for each of us in the most perfect way - when we say YES to that Call of Your Soul.

Cheers to you as you continue to listen to your guidance and trust that whatever calls to you, is perfectly-perfect for you.

And you most certainly have everything you need for the adventure ahead! 


New Episode of Books + Business Podcast

Posted on April 26, 2018 at 1:35 PM

Social media is easily overwhelming and an ongoing waste of time - unless you know the best places to invest your time and energy to reach YOUR people, clients, and readers.


In this podcast episode, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of the following social media channels so you can choose the best places for your work: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn

I hope this show helps your priorities and daily tasks!

Listen here


Word-of-Mouth Bestseller, Wow!

Posted on April 23, 2018 at 8:35 AM

Thank you for making "The Truth Always Rises" a #1 book in both Motivational Self-Help and Mental & Spiritual Healing!

It has been in the top spot for a few days now, which is always an honor and never expected. 

This particular book was written with a clear intention to help you embrace how truth grows, shifts, and rises within you. It does not look the same throughout our lives because we do not look the same.

Truth - the big T version - is always tied to your soul's energy and unconditional love. We have experiences in life that takes us away from this knowingness because our lives are filled with tests, lessons, and challenges that present us with opportunities to choose. Choice is one way that we demonstrate our truth throughout life. Listening to your inner voice and trusting your heart will always amplify your messages of truth.

On a personal note, it is always a bit of a struggle to open up with my own vulnerabilities, pain, and heartache, but that is also how we relate deeper to each other. We all experience hard times and tough lessons, but we all gather more strength and personal power on the other side of those periods, too. 

May these messages connect with you and hopefully be exactly what you need right now.

New! How To Publish Your Awesome Book on Kindle

Posted on April 18, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Are you ready to move from being a writer to a published author?

My new online course gives you everything you need to get your book on Amazon.

Through video tutorials, I guide you through the full process of publishing on the Kindle platform.

Get access to the exact formatting guidelines to follow, how to upload your final manuscript, what you need to research in advance, and every necessary step so you can finally click "publish" and make your dreams of being an author a reality.

Come over here for even more information on this new tutorial.

The Hard Knocks of Ascension

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 5:00 PM

The path of ascension is filled with ALL of the energies we are here to heal - and that means some parts of our journey are more intense, lonely, or darker than other phases.

Everything is unfolding perfectly at your Soul level, but there are times when your human self is feelin' the hard knocks! We are here to elevate all aspects of ourselves to higher levels, but it also means we have to trudge through the lower energies, too: anger, hurt, betrayal, pain, fear, worry, and the full assortment of Shadow energies.

These energies thrive in the dark, so in this show, we're going to bring 'em out into the light and look at these parts of our journey from a higher perspective. We all go through them to some extent, and we all have stories around these parts of our lives. But you also always have choice around how to view them.

Bring your most recent "Shadow story" to this party, and we'll turn it into a Soul story that you will love and be proud of! <3

Listen here!

All episodes available for download on iTunes.

(Episode originally aired in 2014)

Come Over To My Paris Apartments!

Posted on April 12, 2018 at 9:50 AM

I have pictures for you from my life in Paris! These are a few of the places I describe in my spiritual memoir, The Art of Trapeze, and I wanted to share these images with you because I know how much visuals can make a story come alive. Come on over and hang out! 

Here it is, the first Paris apartment I lived in and absolutely loved as soon as I stepped inside. Worth the wait after seeing many less-than-desirable places. Check out those high beams in the kitchen - gorge. The studio is incredibly small, as one would imagine, and I definitely got tired of sleeping and sitting on a futon. You can't see it very well here, but the kitchen is behind the wood countertop and only four feet wide. The fridge wouldn't fit in the space, so it had to sit in the living room. C'est la vie!

I loved, loved, loved my neighborhood in the 15th! Lots of energy, stores, restaurants, and a gorgeous giant park nearby on the Seine. During the holidays it is magical with Christmas lights and the smell of delicious warm pastries. You can see my little apartment window with the flower pot hanging on the railing.

Here's my second apartment with the gorgeous garden. This is the one that was under construction and I had to nudge those French workers along to get the place completed so I could actually move in. Also, you can see the window where Kitty escaped.

Thank you to everyone who read the book and enjoyed it! It's humbling to know I could contribute to your spiritual journey and understanding your life path, too.

The third book in the series will be released soon! Join the email list for updates and exclusive deals. 

If you're interested in reading The Art of Trapeze, it's available as a paperback or ebook in many online stores.

Inspiration, Conversation, Consciousness

Posted on April 7, 2018 at 12:35 PM

Are you looking for answers to any of these topics? 

  • What “consciousness” really means
  • How to make conscious choices
  • How dreams allow you to better trust your intuition
  • Why joy and bliss are signs of an expanding consciousness
  • How grounding and self-care can make you more powerful
  • The lifecycle states of consciousness
  • Why today – in this current state of humanity – we are urgently feeling the need to go back in time, to relearn ancient wisdom


Then join Jessica Ann and I as we discuss all of this and more in her weekly podcast, the Art of Humanity, where she explores creativity + consciousness to allow you and your business to evolve.

We had a great conversation - and I hope it inspires you!