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Love is Always the Lesson

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 11:45 AM

Every experience in our life is meant to bring us closer to Love. A broader, fuller definition of Love. A more encompassing understanding of everything.

Every heartbreak, every deep emotion, every troubling situation, every phase of life that requires us to exercise new muscles and to stretch beyond our current limits. It's always about greater Love.

When someone angers us, they are highlighting where greater forgiveness is needed. That is Love.

When someone hurts us, they are triggering our deep wounds that are ready to be healed. That is Love.

When we experience a loss or tragic event, we can feel anything from grief to hurt to confusion to pain. Perhaps all of it and everything in between. Those are feelings ready to be transformed and raised to the higher vibration of Love.

The purpose of everything is to return us to the remembrance and home of Love. The Love within. The Love around. The Love that never dies, never withers, never disappears. Because it is always right there. Waiting for us to declare it "Love."

We will forget this. We will think it's not true. We will doubt and question the validity of it. We will look for other answers and understandings and explanations that make it "about the other person." Or "their issue." Or "what they are learning right now."

Or we will look to understand from a place of non-feeling and complete dismissal of the situation. Or maybe we will absorb it deeply into our core and hold it within privately to prevent others from judging, or seeing, or sensing anything is "wrong." We have trained ourselves very well to stay out of the way of judgment, punishment, misunderstanding, or scorn.

But none of that matters. None of those reactions truly count in the long run. No other understanding will take us as far and as deep as the knowingness that Love is always the lesson. Love is what endures. Love is what softens, soothes and heals. It's about embracing and holding greater levels of Love no matter what is happening around you. No matter what anyone else declares or uses to understand something.

It's about what you choose to take away from an experience and how you choose to grow from it. How you choose to embrace and hold greater levels of Love for yourself and everyone in your life. Everyone.

The lesson is always about Love. If you can find Love faster, you can complete the lesson sooner and heal more fully.

Then you can begin again - from a new place of higher, greater, more vibrant Love. 

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