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The Emergence of Your True Spiritual Self

Posted on February 4, 2012 at 11:05 AM

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We are setting sail on new spiritual pursuits right now - can you feel it in the wind? An epic astrological change occurred on Friday, February 3rd with Neptune transitioning into Pisces for the first time in over 150 years. We have arrived at a powerful new beginning that ushers in waves of higher consciousness, spiritual understandings, and a collective focal point that All is One and all are connected.

Neptunian energy is shifting from the revolutionary action of Aquarius into the spiritual calm of Pisces. Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998 and look at all of the technological advances that have occurred since then (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, websites, etc.), as well as how each of these has dissolved boundaries in our connections to each other. We can now virtually connect to anyone at any time, any place, any where in the world.  Neptune in Aquarius also changed the groups, communities, and friendships we relate to and interact with regularly. Consider how many relationships have come and gone in your life over the past 14 years, and how ultimately these changes have been helpful in determining where you choose to direct your relating skills now.

The beginning of Neptune in Pisces is also about the end of a grander cycle since this is its last stop in the 12 astrological signs. A new Neptunian cycle will begin in 2025, and although it's hard to think about that year at this point in time, it's crucial in understanding how humanity is growing and learning collectively. The next 13 years will bring to our consciousness how we are hiding parts of ourselves from others; what we are trying to keep secret and hide behind closed doors; the ways we escape, avoid and deny reality; and any ways we unknowingly move into victim consciousness. All of these themes will come up to be healed and loved in greater ways. We may see these examples in others first before we see them in ourselves; this is typical Neptunian projection.

From a historical perspective, after Neptune left Pisces back in the 1860's, President Lincoln freed the slaves and Russian Empress Catherine the Great freed the serfs. Boundaries of what it meant to be contained were removed and dismantled. A new philosophy about humanity was introduced. The modern issue with this cycle is how are you being contained and what boundaries are ready to be removed around your Self? What is serving your greater good and what is simply about being a servant?

We are becoming New Spiritual Humans. At it's highest place, Neptune in Pisces will connect us through compassion, love and beautiful levels of peace. We will look to the oceans, creativity, entertainment industry, and original imaginations to bind us collectively (Dr. Seuss, anyone? Notably, Dr. Seuss was a Pisces, there is an upcoming 2012 celebration of his 50th year of publication, and a new Dr. Seuss movie is debuting in March).

We are also at a place of sharing our spiritual knowledge and beliefs on a grander scale. It's an excellent time to open up and use your spiritual gifts more fully. Many will be searching for deeper meanings and fuller understandings of their human selves after escaping and avoiding their true Selves for years. Many will be seeking in secret to discover more about their spiritual path and look for guidance on the internet.

It's time to emerge into your spiritual Self more fully and easily. Shine your light as brightly as possible. Keep your heart open and flowing. Connect with water in any form to remember your role in humanity's great consciousness shift. Be open to the great changes humanity is ready to experience together.

For more about Neptune in Pisces, read Pam Younghans beautiful review of its energies and check out Jessica Adam's February write-up for each Sun sign.

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