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Feb 25th: Full Moon in Virgo

Posted on February 25, 2013 at 12:30 PM

The lunar cycle begins every month with a New Moon and then reaches its energetic height at the following Full Moon. The Sun and the Moon are in opposite astrological signs at this time, and we are midway through a transition to the next energetic expression. The New Moon initiates and the Full Moon illuminates. Anything we have not seen previously comes up to our awareness for integration and consideration. The opposing energies can appear extreme, so we may feel stretched to be one thing and yet we feel another. Finding the highest expression between two opposing energies is the secret to making the most of a Full Moon.

The Full Moon at 7 degrees Virgo offers us an opportunity to ground ourselves, look for simple solutions, and focus on practical ways to be in the world even if we don’t feel like we’re fully connected to it. Emotional energy is very high right now because there are seven planets in water signs (five in Pisces, two in Scorpio). Feelings, intuition, reactions, inspirations, and going with the flow are all highlighted, but so is moodiness, fears, uncertainty, and excessiveness. What is real when everything feels like it is in motion? What is solid and reliable when so much is shifting, changing, and transforming daily? Where is my coffee and why does it keep disappearing?

A practical moon in Virgo supports us in breaking down ethereal cosmic experiences and reminding us that we are living in physical form on this planet for a reason. I’ve heard in various conversations the driving focus to "live in the fifth dimension", but please remember, my friends, that is in conjunction with the third dimension. All of the Piscean energy may feel like we’re going to drift away to a beautiful utopia of Love, Light and Lollipops, and live in a dreamland free of third dimensional activities now that a huge shift has occurred. But that is not the point of ascension. We are bringing Divine energies to the earth with the highest intention of integrating them deeply into our Selves and cells with our feet on the ground and our hands in the mud.


With this Full Moon, consider the energy you are sending out to the third dimension. Are you critical, negative, or banishing it as “wrong”? Are you feeling superior in some manner because you have shifted and others have not? Are you evaluating and judging others for where they are now? All of these energies can emerge strongly with the Full Moon in Virgo. Yet in beautiful cosmic cyclical fashion, the ruler of Virgo, Chiron, is in Pisces. If we follow the energy threads, the Virgo need to find perfection rises up and connects to the grand perspective of our ability to heal our Selves and humanity with our Divine humanness. During meditation, direct any lower emotions up through your chakras to the highest possible point you can see in your mind’s eye, which may be waaaay beyond the Crown Chakra (I'm hearing 22nd chakra). Focus on a star and send your fears, criticism and judgments up through the galaxy to a point of high light. Now relax and return to loving yourself, your energy, your body. This is all part of our expansion process.

The mutable signs are dominant during this Full Moon, potentially making us restless, anxious, and flakey. We may not know where to consciously direct our energies, so you may find friends (or yourself) willing to talk with everyone and anyone to avoid doing anything. Or you may not want to sit still and pay bills.Or you may just want to sleep for days and avoid all responsibilities.

(Confession: I was highly restless all weekend and it took me twice as long to write-up this astrology report. I stopped typing and went for a walk, then I puttered around the kitchen baking coconut macaroons. I sat back down at the computer and wrote three sentences before needing a new glass of water. I’m going to the gym next.)

Luckily, we have Saturn trining the Pisces planets and sextiling the Moon in Virgo. We can focus and get things done, but we need to dig a little deeper to find the diligence. If you can make time to be productive and go with the flow, you’ll probably find your tasks easier to complete after you release excessive energy. Turn off your cell phone and log out of social media. Daily distractions are everywhere, but we need to be stronger than the latest Facebook conversation. Step back and look at the bigger picture. What are you creating with your life? What do you want 2013 to be about for you? How do you want to expand your Divine Self even further?

These are timely questions to consider as Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces today. Until March 17, re-evaluate, re-consider, and review your connection to Divine energy. How can you amp up your spiritual practices? Where do you turn for spiritual guidance? What connections do you want to strengthen with Love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude? Step out of any criticism about where you should be in your life and instead return to the knowingness that all is perfect as it is.

You are perfect. They are perfect. We are perfect. All is awesome, especially with mud on our hands, restless feet, open Divine connections, and empty cups of coffee. It's all part of this spectacular journey! 

Now I'm off to the gym to get sore. Soar on!

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