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Thank You, Thank You - and Also - Thank You

Posted on June 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM

#1 in 2 Amazon categories in 3 days!

My global marketing strategy for this book has been in the works for 2+ years, and I am so grateful that all of the hard work paid off: #1in Spiritual Self-Help and #1 Memoir: Adventurers & Explorers in less than 3 days.

Rising to #1 is called “owning the category” and it’s kind of a big deal…which is why I’m so amazed & grateful!

(Another key phrase to know in publishing: YOLO – “You Only Launch Once!”;)

I openly share this story with the driving intention of supporting your journey to greater self-meaning, soul connection, and creating the life of your dreams. One of the last chapters brings every part of the story (aka, my life!) together with the intention that you will potentially see your life from a new, higher perspective, including the Divine in every relationship, experience, life phase. But now I’m getting ahead of myself.

You can read 30 pages free:

The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening

Thank you for all of your support and sharing!

More books are on the way later this year.

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