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Trusting The Blind Path

Posted on December 9, 2017 at 1:10 PM

The cosmos says it is time to share with you a real world story of working with astrological transits!

I recently moved through, and completed, a very tough spiritual lesson with a famous "spiritual" author and expert. This woman obsessively targeted me and my work for 6 years, with the intention of damaging my professional reputation, and this episode is how I did not allow her to take me down.

I share this story with the intention of supporting more people to understand this archetype of Shadow Female energy and to find greater strength in your path as you proceed ahead, knowing that astrology always has your back and supports exactly what you're here to heal and clear.

Also, it's a good reminder that karma WILL be a bitch because Saturn does not forget what was said, done, or harmed in the real world.

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