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Have You Met Eleesha Yet?

Posted on June 5, 2011 at 12:45 PM

Eleesha, The Soul Whisperer, is a powerhouse of positivity and inspiration - have you found her yet on Twitter? With over 107,340 Twitter followers (yes, you read that number correctly), Eleesha is connecting with people on a soul level that is both unique and powerful, special and personal. She has written over 5,547 original affirmations and inspirations to share with the world - and something tells me she's just getting started!

Eleesha describes her beautiful journey as a special child who saw "people" that no one else could see. The energy of these beings was so strong that she was afraid to leave the house by herself as a child and was constantly aware of their presence. As she grew up, her abilities to connect to other realms helped her develop her "automatic writing" skills, where words, phrases and predictions came through on paper. Today, that ability has led her to an incredible Twitter following, books, and articles that all spread her ability to speak to the soul.

One of my favorite parts of her work is the audio program 30 Days of Empowerment. Each day has a brief message, no more than 2 minutes, that offers a powerful statement and thought to ponder. These are perfect tidbits for an iPod and to listen to whan you need a quick pick-me-up. I like to put one on during my treadmill time as the endorphins are moving through my body and powerful messages are moving through my mind.

The Soul Whisperer will be available for purchase soon. Check out her website for more updates!

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