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Living In High Balance with Feminine and Masculine Energies

Posted on October 21, 2014 at 12:20 PM


Let's talk about spiritual integrity, friends. Because at this point, it is required more than ever - and anything of a lower vibration WILL be revealed. Anything that is based on ego, competition, false words, or "cloaked" intentions will be shown for what it truly is. It's just the times we live in, especially with Saturn in Scorpio digging up the truth. An excellent recent example is how the U.S. Secret Service is being exposed for their inner operations. This stuff has to come out so it be shifted.

The truth needs to be seen so it can be addressed in the light.

It is not always easy staying in high integrity. We can each - all of us! - go down into the lower parts of ourselves and act from an ego, competitive, dominating place. This is the lower expression of masculine energy in the world, which we all can see and we all know too well. The higher expressions of masculine energy is confidence, right action, truth, and being a champion for something bigger than Self.

One of the cycles we are moving through is of High Balance - shifting all parts of ourselves from low, unconscious places to High expressions of masculine and feminine energies. Integrity is revealing what is not shifting and what is not in a healthy balance.

A Truth will be revealed to each person when they are ready to see it. Everything "behind closed doors" will no longer be tolerated. Intentions will be revealed.

It's part of a bigger cycle of spiritual growth where every person is being urged and prodded to make significant choices:

~ Will I step into my giant light or dwell in my inner dark?

~ Will I actively practice what I have learned or will I resort to old programming?

~ Will I be love in action or fear in action?

Spiritual integrity means staying in alignment with higher principles that require more of you, more of your Light. It's not always the easy road -- which is why more people don't do it! But you have more support than ever to be in integrity, confidence, and self-respect around these situations. Stay in your High Balance with strength.

For something to grow, it must come out of the dark and into the light. It is a necessary component right now. If you can stay open to what is lurking in the shadows by remaining in your integrity, and by detaching from "how" it happens, you'll be rewarded for those choices.

More about this topic in this radio show: Living In High Balance With Feminine and Masculine Energies

Every energy has a high expression, and from that place we can create a new balance = a High Balance of Divine Energies.

Every person has Feminine and Masculine energies to assist them with their mission. When these energies are in their High Balance, you are absolutely unstoppable with your energetic possibilities.

My guidance team JUST gave this term to me, so it will be fun to see what comes through in this show! As always, no notes and nothing planned - we live in the moment on this show! :)

You can listen online or on iTunes.

See you over there!

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