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Six Prominent Spiritual Growth Themes

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM


Each year, we successively build on the energies, lessons, and themes of the previous cycle. The 2013 Spiritual Themes provided groundwork for NOW, and as we move forward with new dreams and intentions, we will need to incorporate those learned insights into our foundation.

2014 promises to take us to amazing places, and the changes can be graceful and empowering if we are open to what we can't see yet. A process must unfold, and you are powerful within every process.

This year supports owning your knowledge and energy more than ever, but it also requires a continual purification of what does not resonate. Feeling stability within your own energy field regardless of external changes will provide a safe harbor and fill you with grounding peace.

How have these shown up for you this year?

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