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50% off New Mastery Course Ends Soon!

Posted on August 29, 2014 at 8:25 AM

We are rockin' over at - have you checked it out yet? In the first month we've surpassed 1,000 Facebook Likes as our global soul friends are ready for more spiritual information - and I hope it all can assist you, too!

As the Founder and Director of this wonderful venture, every teacher is motivated to connect you with your self-mastery and support your spiritual growth.

Irma Kaye Sawyer released a new Mastery Course this week that will heal family relationships and help you return to blessings and joy.

Over the course of five advanced modules, you will receive love-based teachings about family of origin (FOO) connections and how these individuals are wonderful spiritual teachers for your soul's growth.

Irma guides you through deeper understandings of these relationships, while also supporting your decisions to disconnect or walk away from your FOO, if that is what you choose for your highest and best good.

We are offering 50% off to help as many people as possible, but this awesome deal ends soon so click on over and see if this Mastery Course resonates with you.

All love!

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