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Now Available! May Monthly Guidance Download

Posted on April 18, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Need a heads up about how you can make the most of May?

Then I've got your back! Prepare for a stellar month with a downloadable mp3 you can take with you anywhere and listen to as needed.

Each instant digital download is full of practical, inspiring insights about the energy of each month, including guided meditations, daily exercises, how to care for your body and health, and dominant astrological energies. Every Monthly Guidance Download is designed to support you on all levels and to consciously connect you with specific areas of growth that each month brings us.

In this recording, enjoy specific guidance and messages for navigating May 2014:

  • Guided meditation for anchoring your energy
  • The importance of honoring who you are now
  • Focus on Self-Love and communicating from your heart
  • Significant astrological energies of May
  • Why the middle of May supports deep transformation
  • The flow and ease of the Water Grand Trine
  • Throat chakra visualization and activation
  • Amplify manifestation energies throughout the month
  • How to consciously be in alignment with abundance
  • Especially helpful if your birthday is in May!

Click over here to download this recording for a beautiful May!


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