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All About Scorpio Energy

Posted on October 23, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Scorpio is easily the most misunderstood astrology sign, and with the upcoming Solar Eclipse, we're going to see more of this energy in action so let's take a conscious look at it.

Passionate or bitchy? Ambitious or brutal? Truth-teller or Mean Girl? All of these stereotypes, and more, often trail the black high heels of any Scorpio female who is focused, driven, and passionate about going for what she wants.

There is an important SECRET with Scorpio energy that must be in place in order for this energy to really take off and be successful - and I'll share exactly what that is. It could change everything for you.

Scorpio is connected to Pluto and the 8th house, so even if you don't have any planets in this sign, you may carry a similar energy signature. Have your astrology chart handy to find out!

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