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Welcome! This is the place for personalized Master Marketing Coaching and Astrology Sessions.

All individual sessions are designed to take you to new levels of yourself and your business based on what you need right now.

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For astrology mp3 recording sessions, please specify in your request any area of life that is on your mind and you are interested in knowing more about.

For astrology phone sessions, please choose the amount of time you would like to schedule and then specify what type of session you want in the provided field after selecting your time:

  • First-time Client: Your Essence In This Life (Natal chart)
  • Your Soul's Growth in the Next 6 Months (Natal chart with transits)
  • Happy Birthday to You! (Solar return with natal chart)
  • New Baby is Here! or How Can I Know My Child Better? (Natal chart)

*A quick note about gifted astrology readings: If you would like to purchase a session for a friend, partner, family member, or other awesome person in your life, I am happy to give them a reading with their permission! Please include their email address so I can confirm where to send their gift certificate. And thank you for your thoughtfulness! 

All payments are through via PayPal and full payment must be received before the session begins.

*All rates are listed in USD. For other currencies, the store should populate the correct amount based on your location.


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