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Resources for Creative Inspiration

5 Keep-It-Simple Marketing Tips for Indie Authors

Experiencing Creative Comparison? 5 Ways To Move Through It


Having Fears Around Lack, Rejection, Personal Expression, Sharing Your Gifts - and more? I recommend this Emotional-Mental Detox Program from Suzanna Kennedy if you want to leave all of THAT behind and to step into your true creative spirit. 

Because seeing is believing...

Achieving Best Seller status on Amazon amplifies your ongoing results in numerous ways. Although these snapshots are important, what you don't see is how a book can take off within Amazon's algorithms and internal systems.

Ongoing promotion is a must and every book requires stamina for marketing success. I'll share with you more about what I've learned and how to keep your momentum going with practical planning. You can do this - I believe it's possible for ALL of us! 

For example, I realized that launching multiple books at once had huge benefits, but also required more work than I anticipated! I know better for next time how to prepare for simultaneous debuts.