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Be The Prayer

Be The Prayer You Wish To Receive

 Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

A prayer instantly exists the moment it is created, and the energy of its light shoots out like a train with a single destination in mind. As you create prayers for yourself, others, parts of the world  in need, and all things possible in your soul, you are creating new energy on earth that is needed, valued and appreciated. A prayer is one of the highest possible energies that can exist as it is beyond a single person and has the power to benefit all.

Every prayer sets an intention for the highest and brightest energy to come forth. As you initiate prayers, the energy forms instantaneously and flows without boundaries. A prayer does more than any scientific technology, nor human mind, can prove in material form. It is not surprising that praying has been an integral part of human nature and eternal practices across cultures, civilizations and all periods of time. It is a limitless practice and an eternal connection to the most important parts of your wise soul. 

As prayers are instantly created, they are instantly received. There is no time delay nor distance that  prevents the energy from connecting to exactly where it needs to be at exactly the right time. You are guided to create prayers regularly and easily, in any place and any setting, if you are open to receiving this guidance. You are trusted to create the highest possible prayers when you are connected to the light in your heart that connects you to all others.

As you powerfully create a prayer with the highest intention for good and love, you are adding energy to the world. You are raising the energy above what currently exists, and like a ladder, allowing new pathways to form and open above the current energy. As you add to the world's energy, you are also receiving the prayer back to yourself.

Be the prayer you wish to receive in the world. Be the energy in the highest form. Be the intention that benefits all people. Be open to connecting to that part of your wise soul that only knows connection.

A prayer for one is a prayer for all. A prayer for all is a prayer for one. 


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