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The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire

Book Three in The Awakening Consciousness Series

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Peace. Forgiveness. Adventure. Compassion. Love. Healing. Consciousness. Abundance. 

The grand journey of consciousness culminates with an exciting travel adventure!

From the frostbite blizzards of St. Petersburg to the warm tropical breezes of Hawaii; from an isolated barren desert in Africa to a quiet French village on the outskirts of civilization; and from the extreme conditions under a bustling geisha house to a heroine’s grand transformation along the banks of the Nile, get ready for an inspiring collection of soul-evolving experiences.

Your Soul is composed of layers and imprints of wisdom that are all ready to be embraced now – but are you looking in the right places? Do you see what is currently present in yourself as messages about your power? Are you connecting with the truth of who you truly are and owning the beauty of your limitless Soul?

The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire is filled with spiritual connections, healing, passion, forgiveness, love, emotional depths, peace, and unexpected wisdom to connect you more personally with your greater Soul discovery.

You are here to heal all energies back to their original source of Love, and in this lifetime, you have everything you need to fulfill that mission - right here, right now.

The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire, Book Three in the Awakening Consciousness Series, takes you even deeper into the understandings of your Soul’s energy.


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Your life is not random. Nothing is happening to you just because, or simply out of the blue, or due to unexplained phenomenon that happened to magically land in front of you because you wore a certain color of shirt on a Tuesday. The Universe is a highly intelligent and dynamic life force that is alive and pulsing with supreme wisdom. And this is where you come in. 

You are an intentional existence of energy. You are composed of layers of energies that are constantly on as you interact with life and move through your journey. You are a mass of atoms, molecules, DNA, and physical particles that have convalesced in beautiful form to contribute to the experience of humanness. Not only do you exist in physical form, you also exist in energetic form beyond what our limited eyesight can see. Your physicality is actually tiny in comparison to your full energy state. And it is within the vastness of your energy that you tap into the depths of your soul journey.

Your current life is only a fraction of the energies you have experienced as a soul. When viewed from higher consciousness, you open up to the fullness of your soul story and a broader understanding about who you are as a soul, as well as the energies you are experiencing in this incarnation. You as a soul are composed of many stories, and through your life, the energies of those stories are activated with the intention of guiding you to higher levels of consciousness.

Surely somewhere along your path you have asked yourself: Why has my life unfolded in this way? Why do I experience certain themes, or repeating patterns, or ongoing relationship dynamics and lessons? Why are some emotions bigger for me, and yet not as prevalent for other people? Why do I carry specific dominant needs that other people in my family do not relate to?

And on and on the questions can go because once we voyage down the rabbit hole of soul questioning, we often find more areas to seek out and explore.

It is my guiding intention that The Awakening Consciousness Series brings you to more of these answers for yourself. The first book, The Art of Trapeze was The Opening to how soul energies are experienced in the present which ultimately create exactly the life experiences we need to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The second book, The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness is The Deepening, which shows how in every lifetime we are guided to embark on a journey that takes us into all aspects of our energies for greater power, knowledge, and soul growth. Now, in this third book, we embark on The Renewal by understanding the multiple layers of soul energies that we are experiencing by going into the heart of their origination.

For example, if you have experienced a theme of betrayal or abandonment in your life, where did that energy begin? If you have felt deep fears around your emotional expression, how did that originate for you as a soul? If you have found yourself locked into many ego battles with others, what is being triggered within you that can be released now? Or perhaps you have noticed a theme in your life around lower female or masculine relationships that you wish to inject greater consciousness into because you want more authentic connections with other people. Whatever energies and themes may be prevalent for you, you will find greater understanding to them in healing your soul imprints.

What are soul imprints?
Think of your body as being embossed with a stamp. An imprint is left on your skin by the stamp and creates a new design on you. Similar to a tattoo or a permanent marking, soul imprints are energies in your energy field that have been imprinted on you from your soul experiences. Because your energy is so vast and huge, it is likely that you are not consciously aware of all of your soul imprints and the stories connected to them. Part of our free will is in deciding to explore and work with these energies with higher levels of consciousness in order to heal all imprints back to their original expression of love, which comes from God, the Universe, Spirit, and The All That Is.

Soul imprints exist across the full energetic spectrum, from deep fear to grand love. We have lifetimes composed of all types of energies, and therefore, we have multiple types of imprints in our energy fields.

Energy never dies; it simply changes form. When your soul is imprinted with energetic experiences, those energies continue to exist until you consciously transmute them to another expression. As you learn more about your soul’s story, you discover themes in your soul imprints to work with and elevate to another expression.

However, what is also fascinating about soul imprints is that you are actually none of these imprints in a permanent sense. You are simply the vessel who is experiencing those energies. They do not ultimately define your essence nor describe your I AM presence. Rather, they are each temporary expressions from soul stories that are available for you to energetically work with and heal to their fullest expression of Love.

Before incarnating, a soul can choose the number of imprints they wish to work with and heal. But what will be the catalyst for this healing? How will you be sure you won’t miss those opportunities or “forget” to do the work you intended? The answers to these questions can show up in any number of ways, and it will always be the most perfect catalyst for you.

The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire is going to take you on a journey of soul stories and healing soul imprints with the intention of guiding you into more of the power and beauty of your soul’s light. As you read these chapters, you may intuitively feel and connect with the energies as part of your own experiences in other incarnations. The themes, situations, and emotions may feel incredibly familiar. Or they may not resonate with you on a personal level, and that’s perfect, too. Seven themes are described through each chapter, which you may recognize if you read The Art of Trapeze. Then the last chapter connects the full journey of the three books in The Awakening Consciousness Series to provide you with a modern-day understanding of how all of your soul’s energy is here now, which is why this is your most powerful lifetime ever.

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Our first soul story begins in the French countryside. No passport required to experience this adventure.

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1. FRANCE - Endurance

Soul Imprint Healing:

    Relationships as Connections with God

    Soul Contracts

    Meeting an Unfinished Soul Mate Energy in This Lifetime

    Healing Within Yourself

    Heart Consciousness

    The Endurance of Your Soul

2. ST. PETERSBURG - Flexibility

Soul Imprint Healing:

    Soul groups as Healing Connections

    Earth Consciousness

    The Flexibility of Your Soul


Soul Imprint Healing:

    Separation Consciousness

    Shadow Masculine Energy

    Shadow Self Connections

    Interacting Consciously with Another’s Shadow

    Initiating Integrity into Karmic Relationships

    A Gateway to Higher Consciousness

    Reincarnation Retracking


4. JAPAN - Solitude

Soul Imprint Healing:

    Divine Masculine Energy

    Shadow Feminine Energy

    Inner Merging of Masculine and Feminine Energies

    The Power of Daily Forgiveness

    The Gifts of Solitude: Separation Consciousness or Awakening Consciousness

    Global Energy Healing

5. HAWAII - Heart  

Soul Imprint Healing:

    Love and Abundance Imprint

    Divine Feminine Energy

    Divine Partnership

    Heart Consciousness

    Communal Wisdom

    Honoring of Emotional Cycles


6. EGYPT - Strength

Soul Imprint Healing:

    Spiritual Independence

    Stepping Into Greater Personal Power

    Family Soul Contracts

    Rebirthing While In Human Form

    Awakening Consciousness



Soul Imprint Healing:

    Accepting Others’ Healing Journey

    Building Bridges

    Right Sisterhood

    Healing All Energies Back to Love

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