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Spiritual Themes for 2013

Are you feeling the new energetic levels of 2013 in your life? Have you recognized how much you have evolved and grown through this amazing period we are living in?

The journey and expansion continues, and yet it is also a time to celebrate our Selves, our lives, our essence, and our journey as they have all culminated in the experience of NOW. And as I like to say, NOW rhymes with WOW for a reason!

The dynamic energies of this calendar year will continue to bring us to new lands of soul growth and self-mastery. We have integrated a lot through the last few years, and now we are gifted with new potentials, new cycles, new versions of Self. We are existing in our Heart-centered space more effortlessly (ahhhh….) and the higher dimensional energies surround us no matter where we turn (ahhhh…). As we grow forward, we expand ourselves as the emerging paradigms that compose our experiences of NOW continue to unfold in front of us.

As a Creator, you contain many energetic imprints that empower you effortlessly and activate your Soul’s Divine imprint of personal expression. This imprint combination is unique to you, just as a fingerprint is, because it is You - and it contains everything you need to live authentically, powerfully, joyfully, and with abundance. You have everything you need within, and 2013 supports activating deeper levels of this knowingness with more grace and ease.

Conscious living in the new earth energies and amongst the dynamic energetic grid systems will bring us to new glorious places. And there are reliable themes that will be permanent as we progress forward. It’s highly recommended to keep each of these tucked closely to your heart space: Trust, Faith, Peace, and Love. They will always guide you back to You.

So as we go onward into greater Heart-centered living, may the following insights and questions support you on your 2013 path. 

And check out the radio show about this topic! Special guest Shannon Laackmann, the Psychic Cowgirl, talks with me about how this year is special and the themes that she feel will come up strongly for us to work out. 

**A "check in" radio show aired in June to review what 2013 has offered, and look at what's coming up next! Join us here ~ ** 


Spirituality is not one-size-fits-all; it’s one-size-fits-YOU. You will be naturally drawn to certain resources, teachers, healers, and opportunities that connect with your energetic vibration. The beauty of being on a spiritual path at this time is that there are numerous ways to awaken more of You.

The term “spirituality” is quite common now and within this singular word exists many definitions. More spiritual communities, groups, events, healers, and teachers will emerge throughout 2013 because global interest is expanding in the spiritual fields. There are many layers, levels, and energies within ‘spirituality’, so it is wise to test-drive what you come across to make sure it matches up with your energy. Listen to yourself. Be aware of when the Ego-Mind is trying to “make” something happen or is relying on data, numbers, or those all-too-common “shoulds.” 

Be mindful of energies that do not fit you easily and joyfully. Notice if you feel a pause (internally or externally) or if you feel heavy in certain conversations, topics, or events. Check in with yourself for physical reactions that signal something is ‘off’. It is very common for a person/experience/resource to only be a small and temporary part of your bigger experience. (See Allegiance for more on this topic.)

For example, a teacher may be a beautiful fit for a close friend, but he/she doesn’t connect with you.

Or you may have enjoyed one healer for years and now you can’t find the same energetic connection to them.

Or a “spiritual” book/magazine/resource appears to offer good insights, yet as you read more, you regularly feel that something is “off” or the information is not high-vibrating.

Trust all of these sensations, my friend. Honor your intuitive messages even if they don’t “make sense.” Discernment is one of our greatest tools at this time, and we will be tested around how well we use it. Oh yes, we will be tested! The Universe just loves to remind us of our power that way.


To move through discernment:

What specific emotions, thoughts, or energy is triggering me?

If I sit with my inner voice for a moment, what information is coming to my awareness for my highest and best good?

On a deeper level, what pattern in my life is revealing itself? Do I commonly have this feeling?


Your spiritual path is your own to follow, and as such, your loyalty is wisely placed first in yourself. It is more important than ever to put ourselves in the driver seat with Love and to honor our needs.

You may have many spiritual teachers, healers, advisers, and experts in your life at any one time, or you may choose to work with a select few. As you grow and expand, natural graduations occur where you want to change focus, continue to move ahead on your own, try a different way, or your interests have shifted all together.  

This progression is completely natural, and yet it can trigger within us issues of loyalty, responsibility, guilt, and allegiance. If you take a moment to think about it, could these feelings be attributed to your parents (or other authority figures) that you don’t want to ‘disappoint’, leave behind, or let go of on some level? We can unconsciously be afraid of being more successful than elders we respect and/or of surpassing their goals with our own achievements. But now is the time to honor our own growth because that is what we have control of and it is how we powerfully create – with our own energy.

Every person is powerful and has access to increasing levels of energies. What another is choosing for themselves, conscious or unconsciously, does not need to hold you back or hinder your interests, drive, and desires. We are each responsible for ourselves, and although we care for others, we must not try to carry them.  Oh, believe me, I know this can be much easier said than done because you have such a big, loving, compassionate heart! However I am feeling and hearing very strongly from my guidance that this theme will pop up throughout the year and again, we will be tested on it so we can master it better.


To work with allegiance:

Where have I unconsciously looked for validation outside of myself?

How have I unconsciously given my power away (in situations, relationships, experiences, emotional reactions)?

Who do I project mastery/excellence/awesomeness onto instead of consciously acknowledging those same qualities are also within me?

Energetic Exfoliation

Energy is always in motion. In our bodies, cells continually reproduce (up to six times a day or more!) to support our maximum growth. As energy moves and transmutes, we must release what has outgrown our energy fields and allow it to fall away. The visual and mental component of this is typically very simple; it’s the emotional and energetic release that we will be given opportunities to master.

Make it a priority to continually exfoliate yourself to maintain the highest levels of energies within your being. How do you do this, you may wonder? Clean your aura, receive regular physical healing (acupuncture, massage, jin shin jyutsu, etc.), work with energy clearing modalities, incorporate daily meditations, and/or follow whatever interests you.  Plus, drinking lots of water, eating high-quality foods, exercise, and connection with nature will also support this exfoliation process.

The essence of this theme is to actively and regularly work with energy so you can be in peak form often. The higher dimensions that we live in and have huge access to vibrate with fast, clear energy. You will make the most out of this year by incorporating fast, clear energy work into your lifestyle. Not to mention, you may hear "wow, you look amazing!" quite often. (And it's because you do look amazing, of course.)     

To work with exfoliation:

Bless and release energy regularly. Tune into your body for information about what it needs.

What are the gifts of this release process?

What is coming to your awareness that is new and exciting?


Waves of energy will continue to be downloaded at our cellular levels, and we’ll feel these strongly with activity from the sun (solar flares and CMEs). Energetic exfoliation will be very useful during these incoming surges, and truthfully, they may also wipe us out at times. These experiences can be intense and overload our systems! However, promptly following any ‘wipe outs’ and/or retraction periods, we will be met with even higher levels of upliftment. Ahhh… it feels glorious just tapping into that sensation right now. It may appear that we are being dragged backwards on some level, but then the tide will rise and carry us six stories higher! Yes, six stories of awesome energy rising - a Love Tsunami!

Upliftment will be a regular wave we ride as clearer, cleaner cycles of energy come in and effortlessly match up with what we need. As such, your intentions will be more necessary than ever and you will manifest at incredible speeds – so watch those thoughts! Allow yourself to really release during the exfoliation process and you’ll be rewarded ten-fold during the upliftment - Love Tsunami! - cycle.

Also part of this formula is the need to clarify how you want to feel. What does it feel like to jump out of bed each morning with joy, to have all of your expenses covered, to adore your daily “work” load, to feel the love of your partner (and family), and to love all 24 hours of every day? Really  - what does that feel like to you? Sit with your ideal daily life and connect to that experience. Upliftment will take you there with ease, my friend!

To follow upliftment:

What are my primary intentions right now? What do I want to feel in my life?

What excites me the most about this experience/situation/relationship I am moving through?

How do I want to experience this energy regularly in my life?

In my physical body, I feel the energy spiraling up and taking me to _______

Energetic Intentions

Throughout this year, we will be given opportunities to look at how we use energy to create our life. And the thing about energy is that it doesn’t lie.

When everything is flowing beautifully, and the wind is at our backs, and there’s tons of money in the bank, oh yes, this energy stuff is phenomenal! But we can also receive very valuable information even when we come up against “stuff” and the wind is blowing hard and spitting in our faces and the flows feel stalled.

One of the best things you can keep front-and-center in your mind is how you consciously use energy around you. And I highly recommend – although you may not want to hear it - starting with the stuff that doesn’t look so pretty.

For example, when you feel triggered with, say, envy or judgment towards someone, observe where your mind goes next. We don’t always want to look at this ugly stuff because we associate it with our self-identity (“I don’t want to be an envious/judgmental/critical person!”) instead of understanding that it is all for our Divine use to get to know our inner programming better. Once we identify what “it” is, then we can work with it, move the energy, and ideally, get to the source of where it started. (Past life regression work is perfect for this! Also consider Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Core Belief Engineering.) You may “see” something in another person first, so take that as a cue that there is something for you to dive into as well (when you get a spare moment, after dessert, whatever works).

Now is the time to refine and work with your energy and energetic intentions even more because (guess what!) we will be tested on this theme throughout the year. Your stuff will come up, other people’s stuff will come up, and we’ll all be gifted with the opportunities to take it to higher places. Be in charge of it and own it like the awesome Master you are, and already you’ll be ahead of the game and reducing resistance.

Once you understand more about your inner workings, you can powerfully shift the energy and get in better alignment with You. And then at that point, your new energetic intentions will be even higher, more vibrant, and so incredibly awesome that you may just want to live on a cosmic star or that other galaxy far, far away where you can exist in your full expansive state for as long as you please. (Heads up: There are still no frequent flier miles to those stars and galaxies.  Booo.)


To set clear energetic intentions:

What is my first thought when I feel my energy sink?

What is my primary motivation in this situation/relationship/experience - and how can that be bigger than myself to benefit as many people as possible?

What is the clearest, most amazing expression of myself that I can experience regularly?

You're Ready To Make All of 2013 Amazing

And I'm here to help and support you throughout the year!

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