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Energetic Exfoliation As Regular Self-Care

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 11:40 AM

Energy is always in motion. In our bodies alone, cells continually reproduce (up to six times a day or more!) to support our maximum growth.

As energy moves and transmutes, we must release what has outgrown our energy fields and allow it to fall away. The visual and mental component of this is typically very simple; it’s the emotional and energetic release that we will be given opportunities to master throughout 2013.

Make it a priority to continually exfoliate yourself to maintain the highest levels of energies within your being. How do you do this, you may wonder? Clean your aura, receive regular physical healing (acupuncture, massage, jin shin jyutsu, etc.), work with energy clearing modalities, incorporate daily meditations, and/or follow whatever interests you. Plus, drinking lots of water, eating high-quality foods, exercise, and connection with nature will also support the exfoliation process.

The essence of this theme is to actively and regularly work with energy so you can be in peak form often. The higher dimensions that we live in and have huge access to vibrate with fast, clear energy. You will make the most out of this year by incorporating fast, clear energy into your lifestyle.

Not to mention, you may hear "wow, you look amazing!" quite often. (And it's because you do look amazing, of course.)


To work with exfoliation simply:

Bless and release energy regularly. Tune into your body for information about what it needs since the body is direct communicator.

Focus on what you learned: What are the gifts of this release process?

Open up to more: What is coming to your awareness that is new and exciting?

This is just one of five spiritual themes we are experiencing as we move forward into new paradigms.  Just like you need to take care of your physical self every day, make your energy self-care a daily priority, too.

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