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Faith It 'Til You Make It

Posted on October 15, 2015 at 1:20 PM

Are you dreaming of something really amazing for your life? Or wanting a new relationship/job/creative spark to happen? Or ready for your dreams to be your reality?

Something BIG? Something that makes you scream an inner YES that vibrates through your bones, your blood, your DNA , and then finally lands with a joyful bounce in your heart?

A dream that seems tangible and possible and the whole reason why you’re here right now as a spiritual human?

Buuut… you don’t quite see the dream coming together yet. Maybe the path doesn’t feel clear, or you have no idea who the new partner could possibly be, or the ground underneath is shaky, or only the idea exists and not the form. Or whatever. For whatever reasons, it’s still not unfolding.It’s still out there somewhere.

Yet you know the dream is possible. You KNOW IT. (you know it.)

We’ve all heard the age-old adage “fake it ‘til you make it”, right? It’s the idea that if you pretend to do something you will eventually develop the skills/smarts/success/confidence until you pull it off with the validation of being real.  But let’s slam on the brakes for a second because “pretend” has a low-vibrating energy. It has the undercoating of doubt, lack and being revealed for a sham. The last thing your dream is is a sham. It doesn’t even come close to having the energy of fake  – at all.

Your dreams and what you are creating for yourself deserve the best five-star, top-of-the-line, platinum everything. So let’s upgrade this “faking it” philosophy, shall we?

The good news is that anything of a lower energy can be upgraded to a higher energy with your focused intentions and commitment to a new level of trust. So consider upgrading from fake to Faith. As in, “Faith It ‘til You Make It.”

Your definition of Faith can be whatever fits you best: daily prayers and affirmations, visiting your church, a spiritual practice, a special jewelry reminder (this is what I use), or a beautiful candle sitting on your desk that burns the sweetest scent – and you call it Faith. The “what” isn’t important; it’s the connection to it that matters. Faith is something that can’t be faked, not even to the smallest millimeter of doubt. Faith is huge, evolving, personal and cosmic, surrounding your energetic being with a Divine presence at all times.

And it wants to step in and replace anything that is “fake” with a higher intentional energy when you call on it.

What does Faith look like in the Real World? It comes out in these ways:

  • How you speak to yourself about your goals. In private moments, do you tell yourself you can do this/have this/create this? Validate your dreams regularly and remind yourself that you are capable of so much more from yourself than you’ve known before. Of course you can do this/have this/create this. Of course.

  • How you speak to others about your abilities and dreams. Often we can hold back our desires and wants out of a fear of sounding overly-confident or arrogant. (Stop that – stop that right now!) People who love you want the best for you and want you to have everything in your heart. On that note…

  • Be selective about whom you share your dreams with to keep your Faith alive and sacred. You don’t owe everyone an explanation or reason for your dreams. Heck, you don’t owe anyone an explanation or reason. But we all need cheerleaders and a support system, so choose wisely and honor yourself in the process.

  •  Trust that if something isn’t happening (or gets cancelled, or delayed, or falls apart) it’s because something BETTER is on the way to you. Faith knows that not only is the glass always full, but it runneth over, darlin’. Keep the Faith that everything around you is Divine and “rejection is God’s protection.”

  •  Choose to believe in what is possible instead of what is visible. Eyesight is sooo over-rated with Faith because anything and everything can happen at any time. Anywhere. Miracles occur overnight. It can happen in the most amazing ways.

  • Follow your gut. (You probably saw this bullet point coming.) Your internal navigation system is your gut and it is powered by trust and faith. Amp it up! Dedicate time every day to following your gut in some way: reach out to a friend who keeps popping into your head, talk to someone new at a store, branch out in your social media networks, sign up for a new class. Faith can walk in the door anywhere and through anyone.

Everything begins in spiritual form before it takes shape in material form. Infuse your life with a higher level of Faith and make a commitment to stick to it even when you can’t see anything happening. The Truth is that it is all happening right now. And Faith is your partner, your Superpower cape and your relentless guide who will be there until you make it for real.


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