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October 18: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries

Posted on October 17, 2013 at 12:35 PM

With all of the energetic shifts we've experienced in recent years, how would you describe yourself now? What relationships support you and contribute to your well-being? Who has made you a better person? And what emotional patterns and relationships are complete for you?

The October 18 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 26 degrees Aries illuminates unconscious parts of our inner world and stirs up how we are defining ourselves. This energy signals a powerful new beginning that will morph over the next 18 months as we experience more eclipses in Aries and Libra.

Discover more of the themes and energies associated with this eclipse in a special radio show episode right here.

And I suggest grabbing your astrology chart to see where this Lunar Eclipse is working with you personally! Free charts are available at

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