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What Next Chapter In Your Life Are You Ready For?

Posted on September 5, 2015 at 12:40 PM

Whatever is calling to you is waiting for you.

How does the energy of that statement feel to you?

More of YOU is waiting for You if you are willing to courageously answer the call of the next chapter in your life.

It is time to give yourself permission to go for “it” – whatever “it” is for you. Chances are, “it” has been an ongoing dynamic that you’ve been working with, or noticing, or pondering, for a while now.  Your next chapter could involve any combination of changes, upgrades, releases, and beginnings.

We are in the midst of soul vibration energy designed to carry you forward and higher than ever before. 

Give yourself permission to do it,

say it,

try it,

end it,

begin it,

or go for it.

We are entering a powerful gateway of transformation that your soul is ready to experience. Your responsibility is in consciously putting your human Self in alignment with this potential and tapping into greater trust, faith, and Self-Love that you are ready for it - all of it.

And when you do, you may be surprised how many joy-filled gifts line up to greet you along the way.

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