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Embracing Mercury Retrograde + Astrology Updates

Posted on June 10, 2014 at 8:00 AM

A shining perspective to share with you: Embrace Mercury Retrograde!

Mercury goes retro on June 7 at 4 degrees Cancer and backs up to 24 degrees Gemini until July 1. Moving from a water sign to an air sign is an opportunity to intelligently apply emotional wisdom by tuning into the messages of your heart: Are you hearing and honoring your own needs? Where are you ready to respect yourself more with clearer boundaries? Embrace these new possibilities and work with yourself as your own ally and friend.

As the fastest planet in the solar system, Mercury stops speeding along and turns in reverse to offer you a beautiful time to slow down, review, and re-evaluate what you've consciously learned in the previous few months. Mercury retro gifts us with an opportunity to consciously OWN more healing, joy, happiness, and changes.

And we need a breather, right! Everything supports our conscious growth when we choose to work with the rhythms and cycles of our planet. What if we only moved ahead and didn't stop to self-reflect? What if we didn't have a moment to pause, integrate, and take in the pleasures of the journey? Retrograde planets allow us to go within and assimilate. Four planets are in reverse mode throughout June (Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto), so your inner world may feel quite BIG this month. More tools and guidance are available in the monthly download, if you're interested.

The first half of 2014 has pushed us to grow in many ways, and now we have an opportunity to consciously look at what we want to integrate in our hearts and minds by taking it all to a deeper level.

July 2014 is a very different energy, so this is the time to clear out, clean out, and let go of any residue from the past 6 months. You weren't really planning to haul that luggage around, right? :)

Have resources been tight? Are MORE emotions, fears, and shadow elements coming to the surface for you to look at that you thought you were DONE with? These are areas to go into with deeper self-love; these messages are signaling where you are ready to own a new perspective. Saturn in Scorpio has been challenging us to look at how we spend our resources, and this planet will officially move into Sagittarius in late December (yeah, December is a few months off, but I wanted to provide perspective about finishing up the "resources" lessons). Jupiter is finishing up its cycle in Cancer and moves into Leo the middle of July.

These upcoming sign changes are important! Both planets are moving from water signs into fire signs to rev up your action, desire, motivation, and creativity. All of the emotional processing, releasing, and inner work you've done will have cleared the way for new inspired opportunities. Fire gives life and warmth to the world, and it is a resource innately connected with Spirit. As you release and integrate, you gracefully trust the cycles of timing that allow new inspirations to arrive.

And speaking of fire! I'll talk about all of these astrology updates, plus the the June 12th Full Moon in Sagittarius, on this week's radio show if you want to dive in deeper.

With gratitude for the moment,

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