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Birthing New Worlds Within

Posted on February 14, 2015 at 11:00 AM

The past few years may have required a lot of letting go, change, release, and endings that were either out of your control; against your will; felt powerless or scary; required intense inner work; or left you with uncertainty about what to do next.

At the same time, it may have felt like you were not able to build anything new or make significant steps forward because there was little support for substantial beginnings. Many people had to simply take the each day one step at a time and continue to trust that they were being guided forward, even if it felt like life was on "pause" or you could not get anything started.

In 2015, you'll start to see new pieces arrive in those open voids.

Late winter and early spring of 2015 (late February, March, April) will bring new energies to integrate into your awareness and auric field. These three months hold the “0 point” of a new experience of life.

Downloads of higher understandings, soul connections, high-vibe emotions, and life purpose may be newly available to you. Changes, breakthroughs, beginnings, rapid developments, an initiation of Soul energy – a significant time in 2015 begins!

Like an egg cracking from the inside, you will birth a new world within you that is in higher alignment with your truest intentions and soul purpose. This could feel immediate – like a shock of instant knowingness – or it may be an unfolding process; it will depend on your energy and what you are open and ready for. Be open to high downloads of energy and proper self-care, including more rest, naps, water, whole foods, nature, and exercise. Grounding will be especially important as the energy will be intense.

Consider these months like labor - you’re bringing something sweet and precious into the world for the first time! Nothing will be the same afterwards because your Soul growth is in full effect.

You’re ready – trust what shows up.

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