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Let's Go To #Paris! New Guidebook Now Available

Posted on December 5, 2017 at 3:10 PM

We never pursue a dream alone, and we never create something meaningful on our own.


Caché Paris: A Guidebook to Discover New Places, Hidden Spaces, and a Favorite Oasis has been in the works, off and on, for nearly 6 years now. And as it is finally released, there is one person whom I credit with being able to follow my heart and experience Paris as a local - my momma.


When I needed to buy a new American laptop while in Paris, she was able to expedite the process from home and send over the right computer that was compatible with my current digital stuff - things you don't think about until you're abroad!


When I was shipping my cats across the Atlantic, she was on the other side of the ocean making things happen and verifying that all of the dots (and meows) were being connected.


When I knew it was time to come home, she was that strong voice on the other side of the phone reminding me to trust myself and to trust that the decision was right.


And she was the beautiful face that visited me a few times in Paris, so we could explore the city together and enjoy every pastry shop we found ourselves in.


This book is dedicated to my amazing mom who, more than anyone, supported my dream of moving to Paris. It was her ongoing generosity, love, advice, and multiple visits to the City of Lights that I credit with a pivotal time in my life, and by consequence, the existence of this guidebook.


May her support of my time in Paris now benefit your memorable travels there, as well!

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