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Plagiarism, Shadow Feminine Energies, and Higher Consciousness

Posted on June 16, 2015 at 1:55 PM

Awhile ago, two spiritual experts who have been on Oprah, the NY Times Bestseller list, and who each have social media numbers in the hundreds of thousands plagiarized an email I wrote from an online event I hosted - using the same subject line, testimonials, feedback, and all - and claimed this information was from their event.

Since then, there has been an ongoing pattern of these behaviors occurring, and now is the perfect time to bring up this conversation topic, as well as to expose some of what really happens behind-the-scenes in the "spiritual industry" when billions of dollars, careers, and fame are all in play. You may even put down that cup of kool-aid you're drinking. :)

Plagiarism demonstrates Shadow Feminine energies which are sly, underground, and deceptive, preferring to work in the dark and hide behind something - a facade, an egoic self-identity, a deep fear, etc. It corresponds to how a person is actually not connected to their own LIGHT and feels the need to siphon off of those who are in alignment with themselves. Most people have examples of seeing this behavior in their own life - think of your workplace, family, school friends, or childhood experiences.

I believe our Soul brings us into these situations so we can activate greater Light, Integrity, and Truth for everyone involved, and ultimately, for the world. It’s easy to go into the mindset of who is right and who is wrong – which can be completely accurate! - but it’s also important to step back and see a higher spiritual understanding, which is that there is opportunity for growth for everyone in these situations. I decided to claim the growth in the situation for myself and not resort to anger, blame, or anything of a lower vibration. What can I do to grow in the best possible way?

And most importantly, you have the opportunity to re-connect to the spiritual wisdom that the Universe/God/Spirit has your back when you remain in your integrity, light, and making intentional choices that support your path. 


I have some interesting behind-the-scenes stories to share with you about plagiarism and Shadow Feminine energies, as well as some higher perspectives around why individuals choose these types of behaviors. Everything is a teacher, yet we also become much smarter students along the way!

And here is the article I reference in the show, including the concept of kleptomnesia by Dan Gilbert: The Biggest Reason We Steal Other People's Ideas

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