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Astrology and Energies of July

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 2:45 PM

What, it's July already?! Well bring on this rare month with 3 lunar configurations and the themes of JOY and relaxation.


We start the month with a Capricorn Full Moon on July 1; a Cancer New Moon arrives July 15, and we end the month with an Aquarius Full Moon on July 31. And it's a good idea to make room in your summer for FUN and PLAY as Jupiter and Venus make a conjunction in Leo the first week of the month.


3 planets are currently retrograde - Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto - and on July 25 and 26, we see Venus and Uranus turn retrograde, too. 5 planets in retrograde signals that we're doing some winding down this month and turning inwards for a good 6 weeks. I'll share more in the show!

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