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The New Spiritual Boundaries of Now

Posted on July 9, 2015 at 7:55 PM

Has your spiritual journey made you softer and perhaps too "nice"? Have you had trouble or confusion with boundaries as you've opened up more to Oneness and viewed others from a higher perspective? Have you felt it harder to say "no" or use firm boundaries because you feel new responsibilities to connect with people?


We can become unintentionally ungrounded and relax our discernment skills on a spiritual path when we lose sight of the reality of how people are acting in the Real World. But at this time, we are required to use new, more solid boundaries now after all of the energy changes that have taken place since 2012.


Let's talk about what that looks like and how you can be stronger and clearer in your "no" as you also raise your vibration, frequency, and personal confidence.


Friends don't let friends lose their boundaries. :)

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