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Weekend Energies Are Merry and Bright!

Posted on December 11, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Are you ready to trust a bit more and on a deeper level? This New Moon in Sagittarius has a lot of "bounce to the ounce" in it, but responsibility and healing are in the mix, too. We need to be adaptable and flexible, like a stunning dancer with exquisite moves. Each step leads to the next step, but we can't get too far ahead in the dance - allow faith in yourself to lead the way!

The energies of right now are BRIGHT & MERRY, but potentially EXTREME in behavior, so hold back on going too far with your workload, commitments, ideas, words, opinions, or to-do list. Rein it in, sister. There will be time for the essentials, and the rest won't really be that important. This time of year has a tendency to be overwhelming, and yet if you can only focus on the basics, call it a winning day.

This energy also means....It's time to let it go, folks. It's really time to ‪#‎forgive‬ "that person" because the energy will continue to become too heavy to carry as we approach 2016. It's time to look at the higher truth and bigger picture, knowing that there is perfection happening right now, even when we can't see it.

You're being pushed to "get over it" and allow something to be complete, just as it is - especially if it feels messy, complicated, unfinished, or incomplete. That's the shizzle that stays with us for too long, right!

You can leave it be in exactly that messy, unfinished way - and allow THAT to be perfect for you.

Is there someone still in your head messin' up your time?

We are being asked to see "that person" as someone who is learning a lesson - just like we are.

~ Remember why you enjoyed having them in your life - and that it's okay for them to leave. ‪#‎PeaceOut‬

~ Know that you may be overly focusing on their flaws because your Ego voice is really loud - but don't forget that you have flaws, too, lovely one.

~ Trust that you were meant to have this experience so you can be wiser going forward.

~ Place your intention on understanding how this experience will be softer in time.

~ Remember that there is growth in this phase - and allow that to lift you up now!

~ Watch for any righteousness though...everyone is entitled to their opinion and understandings, even when they are divisive. (Insert a giant photo of Donald Trump here.)

~ Can you remember what you were stressed about at this same time last year? Hopefully that's a resounding NO! And an important perspective to consider about what is worrying you now.

~ Never underestimate the power of cheese, wine, and chocolate on a December night.

When you can adapt to what IS, and not be too rigid with "the shoulds", you shall find the peace you deserve. (said in my best possible sermon voice :) 

There is much to celebrate right now, so focus on the small details and daily joys as much as you can. (‪#‎HotToddyAnyone‬;)

And the adventure continues on as we greet 2016 in only a few weeks with open arms and joyful intentions!

Love, peace, and cupcake baking sheet grease,



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