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Prince's Final Farewell, Full Moon Style

Posted on April 23, 2016 at 10:45 AM

Prince was here to leave a creative dent in the world with his Pluto at 29 Leo exactly conjunct his MC. ‬ The power to create, transform, and express to the masses was meant to rock the foundation of artistic expression. And with his Scorpio Ascendant, I highly doubt anyone could tell him what to do or how to do it. smile emoticon The magnetism, power, and passion of his Scorpio Asc meant it was definitely going to be his way, no compromising. He was a force and locked into his destiny as a spiritual purpose of personal power (Neptune conjunct North Node in Scorpio).

With his Sun in Gemini and Moon in Pisces, Prince loved being multiple things to multiple people, yet Venus in Taurus in the 6th was all about the music = working for the music and creation of beauty. Venus squaring Uranus in Leo in the 9th is the instability in relationships, probably based on different belief systems, as well as not feeling anyone could truly love him long-term.

His Moon in Pisces in the 4th house makes for a very private person - an introvert who needs to be in his own space daily. Sensitive, spiritual, insightful, intuitive. These gifts fueled his poetry and ability to create from 'other worlds'. His Mercury in Gemini gifted him with the spoken word talents of a songwriter, storyteller, active mind, probably a great joke teller, and overall genius with words.

It has yet to be officially confirmed if he was suffering from an auto immune disease that he acquired decades ago, but with Chiron and Saturn working with both his Sun in Gemini and natal Saturn, pressure was increasing. The physical healing hit a reality check that could not be avoided. 

His astrology chart is complicated and all over the place with multiple energies vying for expression. I hope he feels a sweet peace with his journey and all he created, shared, and offered us.

He said goodbye to us on a Full Moon in Scorpio conjunct his Neptune and North Node in the 12th house. A completion cycle. Secrets. Spiritual transition. A celebration for his mission and a recognition that he did it his way, all the way, for better or worse, and made sure to have some fun along the way.

This is what it sounds like when doves cry.


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