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Big Weekend Energies!

Posted on May 21, 2016 at 1:30 PM

We've got a big energy weekend ahead!


Mercury stations direct after a brutal retrograde; an intense Full Moon in Sagittarius is volatile and action-oriented as it opposes Mars and sets off triggers around what we want to fight for; and we may finally feel like ideas, projects, and choices are ready to go forward after a long period of indecision.


It could feel like a dam bursting, so be conscious of which side of the damn dam you are on. :)


Know that people will be bursting in various ways - including ourselves - and that is not necessary a bad thing at all, especially with the (perceived) delays of May. The Sun is now in May, so we are definitely ready to go-go-go since Mercury is now leading the parade. Mercury is still in Taurus, and will retrace what was covered from the middle of April.


We'll finally have steady footing and more decisive ways to proceed ahead. Time has been on your side, so let go of what you thought would line up and play out.


Mars in Sag conjunct the Moon and opposing the Sun in Gemini will put emotional energy into what we fight for, and this combo can be quite righteous and argumentative. It's also a mutable energy, so what is fought for today might change position tomorrow as more information comes forward.


Keep in mind....Can I let this go? Is this not worth the fight or energy? Do I want to exert my energy in this way, or just let it pass?


It's not the best weekend to provoke or start something, so don't put up your dukes if you really don't have to. A heads up that Saturday or Sunday may bring up some matters that are ready to be addressed, and anger is not a negative thing. It's just how you work with it that matters.

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