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Collective Energies Ready To Clear - Join Me!

Posted on October 19, 2016 at 10:20 AM

With so much turmoil and all of the crazy intense energies flying around right now, you may be feeling the CRUD that is being churned up in the collective - yes?

It is especially unsettling in the United States right now as deeper pockets of energies are coming up to the surface for greater awareness.


Since we are all one, we each contribute to what is happening right now, even on the most unconscious of levels, so let's take a slow break and return to the knowingness that we are all from LOVE and returning to LOVE.


In this show, we're going to do some awesome conscious creation of energies that are desperately needed right now - join me and let's do this for the benefit of ALL!

We'll be checking our political views, opinions, and beliefs at the door as we dig in to deeper Soul Love and Connection.


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