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Plagiarism Ponzi Scheme? Karma Will Be A Bitch.

Posted on December 16, 2017 at 10:30 AM

I recently moved through, and completed, a very tough spiritual lesson with a famous "spiritual" author and expert. This woman obsessively targeted me and my work for 6 years, with the intention of damaging my professional reputation, and this story is how I did not allow her to take me down. 

I share this story with the intention of supporting more people to understand this archetype of Shadow Female energy and to find greater strength in your path as you proceed ahead, knowing that astrology always has your back and supports exactly what you're here to heal and clear. Also, it's a good reminder that karma WILL be a bitch because Saturn does not forget what was said, done, or harmed in the real world.

I kept hearing "ponzi scheme" with this energy dynamic, too. A Plagiarism Ponzi Scheme where someone intentionally takes, takes, takes and believes they have a right to do so because they have the power, connections, influence, and ego to keep it up. The energy around this increases to the point where they believe they actually own the content because they are "in control" of it and can manipulate others into believing it, too. Yet when that fateful knock comes on the door from the Feds or the Universe, they can't support what they've created because it's all an illusion, a sham. And it's their followers who pay the price through loss of trust and doubting what they learned in the first place.

Practicing and implementing our spiritual work is hard at times, peeps.

Please know you are not alone in those periods of hardship. We need to - have to - go through the emotional, egoic layers of it. No shortcuts here, and you wouldn't want them, anyways. Wherever there are shortcuts is where you have to go back and re-work something at some point. A lot of spiritual propaganda tells you to stay positive, practice affirmations, avoid negativity, and all that jazz -- please be careful which of those pills you swallow. The side effects can take you way off course. It all comes down to working with your own energy.

In order to do that, you have to be honest and real with yourself without glossing over your own inner world and truth.

Read the full spiritual lesson and healing here

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