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Merry and Bright! 2 Free Books Until Dec 27

Posted on December 23, 2017 at 9:35 AM

'Tis the season for comfort and joy,
so I hope offering you these 2 free books brings more of that energy into your world. 

From December 23 until December 27, you can download these two soul stories from Amazon (worldwide) for free: 

Healing Loss and Betrayal in Love Relationships

She loved him. She lost him. She tried to move on.

But it wasn’t until a stranger came to town years later that she finally learned the truth about the rest of his life.

Can she find peace with his betrayal and abandonment - or is it simply too painful to forgive him for taking away her dreams?

Includes spiritual perspectives on Relationships as Connections with God, Soul Contracts, Meeting an Unfinished Soul Mate Relationship in this Lifetime, Healing Within Yourself, Heart Consciousness, and The Endurance of Your Soul.

Healing Anger and Pain with Forgiveness and Peace

Is anger the harshest prison, or could years of living in a dark dungeon be worse?

An old warrior is confronted with the truth of himself and his actions as he is stripped of all his accolades, merits, and honors in an instant, and is forced to live in the worst of conditions.

Yet through the gift of solitude, he learns to forgive himself in order to forgive his wife. And as his life takes yet another unexpected turn back to the joys of freedom, he begins to understand what it truly means to live in peace.

Includes spiritual perspectives on Divine Masculine Energy, Shadow Feminine Energy, Inner Merging of Masculine and Feminine Energies, The Power of Daily Forgiveness, The Gifts of Solitude: Separation Consciousness or Awakening Consciousness, and Global Energy Healing.

Download here

May each of these stories help you complete 2017 in powerful, uplifting ways! 



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