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Intuitive Astrology Uranus Enters Taurus

Posted on May 7, 2018 at 8:30 AM

Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 84 years on May 15 and this energy is working with your current state of consciousness to awaken more of what you value and want in your life. This begins a new Awakening process in your perception of money and your relationship to your self value.


Uranus moves to 2 degrees in Taurus, and then goes retrograde back into Aries for 5 months before returning into Taurus again in March 2019:

- May 15th 2018 - November 6th 2018: 0-2 deg Taurus

- November 7th 2018 - March 6 2019: 29-28 degrees Aries

- March 7th 2019 until April 2026: 0-29 degrees Taurus

On a collective level, we change how we use money, banking, financial systems, possessions, agriculture, the land, music, and the earth being a powerful messenger, just to name a few topics.


Uranus is sitting at 29 degrees Aries until May 14. The 29 degree of every sign is a closing point that puts pressure to 'finish this up' and 'tie up the loose ends' of that sign's lessons, healing, and intentions. The volcano eruption in Hawaii is certainly connected with this transit, especially the movement between fire and earth.

This transit is going to activate more within yourself around your self-worth, limiting beliefs, second chakra, abundance/willingness to receive, standing your ground, reviewing what you own and collect, and feminine awakening energies.

Let's dive in!


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