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Ready for a Fantastic Voyage?

Posted on March 31, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Aine Armour's Flaming Serpent is a conscious-raising book that could be viewed as Ficton or Non-Fiction. Fantasy or Reality. Crazy or Completely Sane. But no matter how a reader interpret's the tale, they will surely be left thinking about life and the people in their world in a new and eye-opening way.

The story is about Tayah and her personal journey in Ireland as she meets up with five important people who hold more secrets to her soul's growth than she could ever imagine. Tayah travels through past and present lives to discover what lessons, issues and growth she is meant to overcome with the people closest in her life. There are shocking surprises and insights that no one could predict, and the joy in finding the answers is exhilerating.

Hang on for a fun and unpredictable ride!

*I have read this book twice and anticipate reading it a few more times in the future. Something new is discovered each time!

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