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Why Mercury Retrograde Is AWESOME

Posted on March 30, 2018 at 9:10 AM

Mercury Retrograde is an amazing time to be productive, get caught up, remember what is important to you, and to return to what matters for the long run. Our daily priorities and active minds can run away in many directions - that lovely "monkey mind" activity - and we can be exhausted with very little to show for it. Now, we have 3 weeks to come back to center and clear out those distractions in order to make a fresh start.

Until April 15, take a conscious look at where you are ready to begin a new story, a new project or a new commitment that is in alignment with YOU right now. This is an important time to look at what you can do differently to support your own growth. A clean slate, new approach, and higher levels of conscious choice are being brought in to your awareness.


Mercury is in Aries, moving backwards to 4 degs until April 15th. Look in your natal chart for where Aries energy shows up for more insights on what this Mercury retrograde is asking you to re-evaluate, re-create, and re-examine.

Aries gives us the courage to be ourselves. Aries says, "yes, you can do that and be inspired to go forth on a new adventure." You are supported in taking a chance on something that is important to you because it reflects more of who you truly are - can you own it with confidence?

Go slow and do not force anything. We can feel impatient and impulsive in our desire to start start start, but the delays are showing you something else to bring in or consider. Time is always on your side when we trust the divine timing of it all, in addition to showing up to do the necessary tasks.

If you listen to my weekly podcast, you've heard me say that I LOVE Mercury Retrograde for what is allows us to sit with and to gather what we may have lost along the way. The more you can embrace this time, the higher it will take you in the long run.

You can find more astrology and energy updates over here on my new website dedicated solely to astrology. 

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