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We Cannot Do The Human Journey Alone

Posted on June 8, 2018 at 7:55 AM

We've had two public suicides this week and both are absolutely heartbreaking. It was just confirmed that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in a French hotel, and we heard of Kate Spade's passing earlier this week. We never truly know what someone is feeling, thinking, or how they are suffering... we never know what is going on behind the mask or in the depths of the fears they carry, whether those are sorrows, doubts, self-hate, anger, pain, depression, or any combination of emotions that create the inner human landscape.

We ALL have hardships in life...we all have hurts, pain, and places within us that can turn darker. It is part of the journey - the rises and the falls, the twists and the turns - and it is incredibly personal to each of us. It is private and we can even feel shame about having those feelings buried inside; those voices that get louder at times.


Please DO NOT buy into the Perfect Life of other people on social media... please do not spend time thinking everyone else is doing better than you or has it made... please do not feel like you are left behind, or the only one struggling, or alone in the shadows, or that all is lost. If you get to that point - at any time in your life - where these messages feel too strong and overpowering, you are in the perfect place to use your humanness to connect with another person's humanness and say you need help...or just an ear...or a private conversation to get it out. We all need help. We CANNOT do this human stuff by ourselves or on our own. We all need each other.

I work with amazing people all over the globe every day who are each dealing with SOMETHING that is hard - on their heart, in their minds, in their relationships, or within themselves. We all have our weak spots and vulnerable areas that take us away from positivity and feeling good at times. There is a lot of propaganda online about what life should look like... and a lot of it is bullsh*t because it is only one side of life. Life is a shifting, changing kaleidoscope of emotions, colors, and flavors - and we are each strong enough to navigate the high tides and the low tides, but that doesn't mean you have to be totally alone sailing through a storm.

Please know other people can relate more than you. Please don't go into the sinkholes of despair that leave you feeling trapped for long. Please make the phone call to a trusted source, or text a dear friend, and get it out of your head and into a conversation with someone who loves you and cares about your inner world.

If you do not have that person, or even know who that would be, you can anonymously speak to experts on mental health. Please look up resources in your country. Google "mental health", "community resources for healing', :free support groups in my area", or anything of similar wording.

Even when life gets hard, you have more support and resources for getting through it. You're never TRULY alone, and "this too shall pass." That is not a cheap platitude or instant fix, but it is meant to give you a long-term perspective that there are solutions and ways through the hard times.

Personally, I feel a quiet devastation every time I hear of a person taking their life, especially a public person who brought so many good things into the world. These events can trigger our own hurt, pain, and heartaches. There is no one solution for all of us, but there is a solution for everyone to get through hard times.

The best thing you can do some times is cry it out and let yourself feel it. If you can do that for yourself, then you have gifted yourself with the reality of being human. And that is a beautiful thing indeed. <3

Love and blessings to everyone who is affected by these passings or anyone who feels it deeply in their soul. 


Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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