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Writing Workshop Starts This Weekend!

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 11:20 AM

On Saturday, May 21st, with the power of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, we will embark on a new adventure in soul-expression and empowering storytelling!


The Sun will have just entered Gemini (the sign of writing), the Moon will be in truth-seeker Sagittarius, and Mercury stations direct on May 21 after being in retrograde, so it is all systems go time!


You will feel prepared + inspired to finally communicate what is in your mind, heart, and soul.




Whether it's been a lifelong dream, or just a recent inspiration, you are feeling the urge to put your journey into written form.


But after the excitement fades, and you sit down to begin, you may be swirling in HOW, exactly, to write everything you want to express.


You'll get stuck.

Come up against inner "fear" blocks.

Wonder if what you're writing is 'good enough.'

Feel stupid or silly for what comes out.

Doubt that you have anything to offer in the first place.

Want to throw it all away.


Don't worry - I've been there, too. After writing ten books, I completely understand every block or inner voice that creeps in during a creative exercise.


If you're ready and excited to truly follow this passion project and turn it into reality, I can help guide you to write from your authentic Self and develop your voice in an empowering manner. You'll be PROUD of what emerges and probably surprised by your own written wisdom.


I want to help you move through those messages with consciousness and grace as you breakthrough barriers and enter a place of flow and acceptance.


This writing workshop is designed to be supportive and inspiring as you get rollin' with claiming your story and putting your personal expression out there.

Due to the one-on-one attention I'll be providing each person, class size is limited and closing soon. 

More details and sign-up information right here

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