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Posted on June 13, 2016 at 9:05 AM

I am outside of Orlando right now, on vacation with my family, and the energy here is incredible. People are lining up to donate blood. There is an outpouring of support. Conversations are expanding into the light and joy that each of the victims were in the world to their family and friends. As more information comes forth, stories about the people in the nightclub are emerging with love and tears. <3

When we experience the worst in humanity, we also need to remember that the BEST in humanity can then show up through each of us.

Heart Consciousness is when we recognize our similarities, our shared connections, and our willingness to help others in need during times of shock and hurt because we remember that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME. These tragedies are heartbreaking and yet also heart-OPENING because we see how there is beauty in each soul. We rise above race, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural differences. There is meaning in everyone's life, and there is an opportunity for expanding ourselves into higher definitions of love.


It is important to mourn, to feel, and to be real with yourself about your reactions during these tragedies. Don't deny or cut off these parts of yourself.


And then, when you are ready, it also up to you to continue to expand your definition of Love to include everyone, even if you don't understand, relate, or connect with their purpose, lifestyle, or differences. That is our ongoing work - to rise above our own inner limitations and create more acceptance in the darkest corners.


If you want to know what YOU can do to contribute in a positive way, check in with yourself and your heart.

Is love expanding your heart, or is judgment shutting it down?

Are you opening up to the beauty in others or shutting down to their innate light?

Are you willing to listen and hear differences, or are you locked into one perspective and limited viewpoints?


Continue to consciously choose what YOU want to create and contribute in the world. Spread awareness, spread Love, spread Light, spread the understanding that every single person here has a purpose and gifts to offer.


From a higher spiritual perspective, please view the victims as souls who are choosing to contribute to LOVE in some manner. Choose to see those who left us as beings of LIGHT who want to raise awareness around the current state of humanity, and who want GOODNESS to come from this event.


How can you contribute to creating more goodness in the world right now?

What can you do today, even if it seems minor?


That is our job as we continue to raise heart energy in even the smallest ways. <3


Peace and blessings,


More about Heart Consciousness is here. 

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