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Astrological Profile for Hillary Rodham Clinton

Posted on October 16, 2016 at 2:25 PM


Hillary is a Super Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, Chiron, Venus and South Node all in this sign. Scorpios are all or nothing - all of the time. She sees this role as President as everything to her, just like every job and goal she has ever had. It's the only thing that matters at this time, and she probably has no idea what to do if she doesn't win. She is too focused and involved in this goal.


Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, and in her chart, Pluto is in Leo conjunct Mars in Leo almost exactly. (Remember, Donald has Mars in Leo too so this is a true war between two lions wanting to ROAR.) Pluto and Mars together are FIERCE and ambitious... no holds barred and nothing is halfway. There is so much intensity that it shows up as anger and rage, too. In Leo, the heart is involved, so if she doesn't release those intense feelings a heart attack could manifest. There are big anger issues here that run deep.


Pluto and Mars are square her Venus in Scorpio, signaling issues trusting people in relationships. She wonders what they are after and if their intentions are pure. She wants to believe the best in people (Moon in Pisces) but her Scorpio nature has been around the block enough times to be skeptical. Scorpio has secrets and isn't afraid to keep them, so I don't think we'll know everything she knows about herself until she's passed away (sorry, not trying to be grim, it's just one of those things with Scorpios!). Also, Mars conjunct Pluto squaring Venus represents her husband... and yes, I would bet many claims about him are true.


Her Moon in Pisces means she is actually more sensitive than you'd think, and she picks up on a lot of energies around her. In this chart, the Moon squares her ASC and is why she can't relate to people openly - she's actually afraid of too much emotion and vulnerability coming out. The Moon in Pisces also squares Uranus in Gemini, so she won't let you get close to her anyways - it will always be on her terms and she wants to keep you surprised. Her Moon is in the 10th house signaling many job changes in her life and always looking for the next professional home. She has high ideals (Pisces) and really wants to support the underdogs, outcasts, and abandoned members of society (Pisces).


Saturn was in Scorpio from 2012-2015 and really gave her a run for her self-identity as it touched on many of her planets. She went through the ringer, but came out the other side changed in deep ways, as all Scorpios do. She learned a lot, and although she won't show it, it was tougher than she realized. Now Saturn in Sagittarius is trining her 3 planets in Leo, which gives structure to her current passions and a new belief in herself.


Currently, Pluto in Capricorn is supporting her Scorpio planets and giving them the push through to focus on her professional goals (Capricorn) and staying focused at any cost. Pluto is sextiling her Venus (campaign costs and fundraising) and she is making a permanent change for women in the world. Mars in Capricorn is adding a lot of energy and drive to her Scorpio planets, too.


I'm concerned about her health issues with Chiron getting close to her Moon in Pisces. But all in all, she is a professional and is in it to win it at any cost.


There are officially 3 different birth times for Hillary, and based on transits and a few other factors, I think the chart with a Gemini Asc fits her well. We don't know for sure, of course, but we can also gather a lot of information based on the planets alone. I'm going with that chart. Here are the 3 charts for Hillary:,_Hillary


For those who want more details, I like the Gemini ASC chart for a few reasons -


1) Puts her strong Sun in Scorpio in the 5th house of personal expression and being seen for a passion, also relates to fighting for children;


2) Transiting Pluto opposed her ASC and went into her 7th house in 2008, when she lost the Democratic nom to Obama (forces working against you and outside of you);


3) Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is currently in her 7th house of partnerships and open enemies - Obama, her husband, Bernie Sanders, and of course, The Donald;


4) Mars, Pluto, and Saturn in Leo are in the 3rd house of research, education, writing, teaching, and speaking in a public capacity;


5) Neptune went across her MC at 4 degrees Pisces a few years ago, which was the loss of her role as Secretary of State and surrendering to a job change; also related to her interrogation and questioning over Benghazi (loss of ego) and oh yeah, that email issue that just doesn't want to die :)


It will be interesting if her birth time is ever revealed and we can see what is accurate.

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