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Astrological Profile of Bernie Sanders

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Bernie, what happened, dude??? Well let's take a look at his chart.

We recently found a birth time for him of 12:27 pm in Brooklyn Heights, NY, so we'll work with that as it does seem to fit, giving him a Scorpio Rising (passion, drive, magnetism, steel purpose) that is an all-or-nothing crusader for his ambitions. Scorpio rising is very determined and focused, so no doubt having to give up his candidacy was incredibly hard and torturous. Nothing was done lightly.


Bernie's Sun in Virgo is in the 10th house, signalling a life devoted to serving the people (Virgo) in a public capacity (10th house). His Neptune, MC and North Node are also in Virgo, so we have someone who is definitely on-point for his purpose in this lifetime. Virgo is motivated by improvements, systems, and repairing damage in practical, real ways. Virgo is also about Everyday People who serve and support - think nurses, healthcare, admin, unions, etc. Bernie connects with people because he sees their struggle for a better life, and in the 10th house, he wants to be recognized and seen for how he can help them.


His Moon is in Aries, conjunct Mars in Aries, in the 5th house. He likes the public stage and limelight (5th house) and is driven by his own ambitions and needs. Aries Moon is about themselves, ultimately, and conjunct Mars gives him a lot of gusto and energy. I doubt he sits down for very long. :) He is driven by personal motivation, anger, and a way to do things in a new way (Aries). He doesn't want to share, except he is often forced to. His Venus in Libra opposes his Aries energies, so he knows he has to take others into account. Mercury in Libra gives him greater objectivity to do so.


Uranus is moving across his Moon and Mars in Aries. This is how he surged out into the public eye, but also why things changed so quickly. We haven't seen the last of him; he'll be back in some capacity as Uranus makes another pass over these 2 key planets soon. I bet something transpired for him with the Full Moon in Aries exactly conjunct his Moon and Mars last weekend.


Pluto is exactly trine his Sun, so a new surge of personal power is coming through.It will be activated when Mars conjuncts Pluto on October 19th. If I were Hillary, I would bring Bernie up during the October 19th debate. Something seems to be brewing with him that will bring him back out.


Neptune in Pisces is conjunct his IC, which means the concept of home is evolving and changing - a new move may be on the horizon soon. Chiron in Pisces is conjunct his South Node in his 4th house, bringing up wounds from previous lifetimes around being the victim, left out, separated. A loss of ego is happening and in his private moments, he could be experiencing a deep feeling of never getting what he wants (Pisces). And not knowing what to do or where to go next.


Saturn squares his Sun in November, so a turning point with greater responsibility is on the horizon for all of his hard work.

As for his connection with Hillary, all of Hillary's Scorpio planets are in his 12th house of karma and unfinished energies. His past life energies with her are strong, and he is following through on some type of karmic lesson with her. His Saturn in Taurus is in the 7th house, so working with authority, being responsible with money, and being held accountable with partnerships are where he has to exert greater discipline and work in this lifetime. He prefers to be the one in charge of a partnership, and will negotiate for everything he wants and values. Whatever transpired behind the scenes with Hillary, I would bet that money, status, and a job were on the table. A tough negotation ensued, including legal protection (Saturn in 7th).


It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out!

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