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Thanksgiving Adventures

Posted on November 23, 2016 at 8:50 AM

Thanksgiving comes in a variety of sizes and celebration styles.

I've had a year or two with only my cats as my companions; I've prepared a feast for a table of 12 that was the typical all-day affair with tons of leftovers.

One year I met my mom at a roadside diner to eat whatever they had to serve (traffic is insane on Turkey Day!). Another year, my beau and I enjoyed a lovely escape at a seaside resort with a gourmet spread. I am not going to tell you how many times I visited each food station. :)


A memorable year was when I was cooking our turkey in a neighbor's regular size oven while they were out of town (I lived in a log cabin and the oven was TINY). Someone else stopped by and thought a burglar had broken in to the cook a turkey. Right. They locked me out. No worries, I found the key before anything was burnt.


In Paris, a small group of American friends hunted down the smallest, most expensive turkey ever and we created our own awesome feast.


I have spent Turkey Day working as a waitress, which is never dull, and you'd be surprised how much more drama is created in public on holidays, LOL. One year I was on a plane flying to the sun and was upgraded to first class - more of those, please!


This year we are having a small gathering in sunny Florida for the first time. With a toddler, not going anywhere is such a great option. :) I went to the store earlier in the week, so fingers crossed, no last minute trips and everything is good to go - or we'll just make the most of what we got! Which is a lot - and for that, I am very, very grateful.


However you gather with loved ones, I hope it is a special day composed of whatever matters most to you. That could be simply the pumpkin pie and wine; hey, no judgments from me.


And if you are not an American, I wish you the best Thursday EVER, followed by an amazing Friday, too. :)


Gobble on,


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