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A Day In The Life as a Work-At-Home Mama

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 10:50 AM

A day in the life as a Work-At-Home Mama:


- Consider the day off to an amazing start if it starts AFTER 6:30 am

- Baby eats breakfast in high chair (cheerios + bananas are the biggest hit); guzzle first cup of coffee + protein shake

- Play time in the living room…scroll through phone for weather + news updates…

- Follow baby around as he walks into all the forbidden rooms (bathroom, pantry, garage door) and attempt to redirect him

- Mid-morning nap occurs and YAY, I get to be productive on the computer!

- Check email + social media for anything urgent or important

- Schedule astrology sessions

- Podcast? Maybe not today if he doesn’t nap long enough

- Attempt lunch in high chair (yogurt, cheese, and turkey, please!)

- Realize I’m starving but do not want leftovers

- Maybe go to the gym, but only if childcare services are still open for the day

- Play, play, play with books + stacking cups + ball + things that go beep beep beep!

- Determine if laundry is really a priority or not. Determine if folding towels and emptying dishwasher is really important. Determine if any of this can be done while active baby is putting his favorite ball in laundry bin + running around the couch.

- Jot down notes for books-in-progress

- Text friends + Mom

- Get excited that the babysitter is coming tomorrow for 3 hours so Mommy can work

- Hopefully go for a long walk…weather permitting…or off to Target/Costco/the mall/ANYWHERE

- Countdown the minutes until daddy comes home, YAY!!!

- Diaper count total is somewhere between 5 to 7

- Dinner is approaching, which is rarely given any thought before 4 pm. Check freezer and fridge, then possibly send a “Can you pick up dinner?” text to Daddy.

- Try to remember what life was like with free time and long periods of productivity…nope, can’t remember that!

- By 8 pm, collapse in front of TV with wine in hand as Daddy does bedtime routine…determine if I have enough energy to read an actual book...


That’s a wrap!

And then we'll do it all over again tomorrow, bright and early. :) 


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