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11:11 Energy Meditation

Posted on November 9, 2017 at 9:30 AM

This weekend is the 11:11 Portal, one of the most potent energy signatures of the year, since 11 is a master number. The "veil" between 3D and 5D is especially thin and open, as we ascend to higher levels of soul understandings of ourselves as energies in human suits.

11:11 is a day of spiritual celebration; a time to meditate and listen to your own messages as you can hear your guides, Spirit, Angels, and God more easily when the air is thinner.

11:11 is a very powerful day to BLAST away any and all energies that no longer serve you and are not part of your next steps.

What comes to mind instantly?

Trust whomever that may be, or whatever shows up in your awareness, even if it seems odds.

An easy and effective way to do this is by imagining a blast of light from your 7 chakras emitting out your aura and powerfully filling up your full energy field.

As you sit in this visual, feel the light as being warm, loving, joyful and supportive of you. See it going out to everything you touch and connect with energetically. Watch the light expand and grow and surround you in loving ways.

We are (still) shifting away from a former life, and that includes the people you no longer connect with and the choices you are ready to leave behind. What is your intention for these connections now? Sit with that. It can be simple or elaborate, whatever serves you. Perhaps you just want those people to get a life and stop stalking your FB page, LOL!

See yourself shifting up to a higher perspective where all of that is running around "out there" and not connected to you. You only see and feel your light essence instead. That's it. That's all you need and it is more than enough.

We are always growing, evolving, and understanding ourselves in new ways, and this time is about being open to more of your unconscious self as a messenger of truth.

Way back in 2007 I started learning about Shadow Feminine energies, and have been sharing with you for years now how "your shadow is the gold." It is the place within all of us that contains more parts of us that can be transformed, elevated, and brought into our Conscious Self's awareness. But it shows up as darkness first.

Whatever is coming up for you right now is revealing what you are ready to work with from a higher level of consciousness...

~ What am I learning in this situation?

~ How am I owning my power?

~ Am I supporting my soul evolution and transformation with love and self-acceptance?

A space of darkness is when we experience the zero point of a new beginning with a fresh burst of new light. When there is the appearance of nothing, it is the promise of every potential.

You are being called to own your darkness as potential light, and to own your power in a healthy way from a higher point of awareness. You'll know what this means for you - in fact, you already know which area of life is pushing in this direction.

Stay in your power and strength today as powerful new cycle begins!

You are wonderfully supported and loved as you fill up with your awesomeness and allow the rest to be complete. The gifts of transformation are everywhere!


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