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September 15th: New Moon in Virgo

Posted on September 14, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Every year, the New Moon in Virgo brings us the energetic support to purify, clean, improve and simplify our lives in practical ways. Virgo gifts us with discerning what has use and what is wasteful. If you were to glance around your life right now, how can you improve your world in even the smallest ways? A focused Virgo eye will point out what is not efficient or beneficial in any form, and gladly release it in a second. GONE.

Virgo is ruled by Chiron, a centaur asteroid that is currently making its way through Pisces. Interestingly, this New Moon reiterates the energy of the last Full Moon on August 31. We are gifted with the opportunity to serve ourselves, others, and humanity with simplified intentions and realistic application. How can you be of service right now? What can you offer your community? Are there any areas of healing that need new attention now?

The New Moon in Virgo is conjunct Mercury, so there is mental action associated with this weekend. Move stuff around, clean out the house, get rid of clothes, delete old files on your computer, and decide what no longer serves your highest and best good. Also pay attention to your health and take care of your physical Self with a new level of appreciation. Your body is the vessel for this experience; show it the best care you possibly can, even in simple ways such as drinking more water or committing to more organic foods.

The lower vibrations of Virgo can focus on being critical, serving through sacrifice, seeking unrealistic perfection, and feeling heavy with the doubts and hardships of life.  A higher vibration of Virgo energy is motivated by fulfilling work duties, serving and assisting others, offering healing through various forms, and getting on with what needs to be done. No complaining, let’s get on with it! The practical nature of this earth sign reminds us that we can do so much if we are disciplined and committed.

Also noteworthy is that Uranus in Aries is trine Venus in Leo creating a need to proudly share our creative gifts as new reflections of Self. It’s about joy and play! Yet Venus is also square Mars in Scorpio so you may come up against a battle of wills (internally or externally) about how to make something happen. Stronger energies pick up steam throughout the upcoming week as Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries meet up again for the second time this year. We are undergoing a collective process to be ourselves more fully in every area of life. No shortcuts, no hiding, no whining. (A mantra Virgo can stand behind!)

Part of the simplifying and uncluttering you may experience around this New Moon could include relationships as Saturn makes his way through the last few degrees of Libra. Since late 2009 we’ve been looking at partnerships, relationships and contracts that help us mature and grow – and those that do not. We have a few more weeks to make the most of this process intentionally. Saturn moves into Scorpio in early October and the energy will change dramatically, especially with the upcoming November eclipses.

Below is a quote that beautifully states the gifts of this Virgo New Moon:


Cheers to answering the callings of your soul!

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