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Mastering Abundance in Your Business

Posted on October 6, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Many of us are doing business in new ways as part of the global shift. As we follow our dreams and create our unique path as we go, often times being financially supported becomes up as one of the main priorities on our minds. Will the right clients show up? How do I promote my work without giving it all away? What do I have to do to receive financial abundance?

We'll look at the spiritual importance we give money; why your business is the perfect opportunity to look at karmic patterns and old programming; the significance around determining your rates and pricing; and important considerations to be aware of with boundaries, branding, and numbers.

The next Conscious Wisdom Festival is coming up October 16 - 18 and I'm excited to share with you more insights about all of these topics, and more. (What's the Conscious Wisdom Festival, you ask? It's 3 days of amazing brilliance from 15 incredible experts for a very affordable price. Nothing else like it is happening anywhere else!)

Abundance comes in numerous forms to support our work in the world - and this wisdom will make sure you are open to all of it! Plus, join in a guided meditation to clear karmic-related energies in your auric field and move beyond previous limiting roles you've played in other lifetimes.

Come check it out and join me!

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