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New! Astrology Transits Class

Begin a 4-week journey into uncovering the astrology transits that are happening for you right now!

Online course begins May 16.

Astrology reveals the timing of events in your life and helps you plan to make the most out of every energy that is working with you.

With this special class, you’ll discover the main energies that are working with you now and throughout the rest of 2018 – and possibly beyond. And that's one of the reasons why astrology is a phenomenal tool for your conscious soul growth.

You'll receive 4 personalized astrology charts showing your ongoing transits – a new one every week!

In our 4 weekly classes, we'll look at the individual elements of your astrology chart, including:

  • Your current key transits
  • Your biggest areas of growth and changes now
  • Where you need to devote more disciplined energy to "do your work"
  • The main areas of life where you will be continually growing and evolving in the coming year
  • Track your current transits each week with updated professional astrology charts every week

We'll talk about the basics of astrological transits, including:

  • The cycles of all 12 planets
  • Planets moving through the 12 houses in an astrology chart
  • Dominant transits that take precedence in your life
  • The importance of transits across the four main points of your chart


You will also receive a custom astrology toolkit featuring:

  • Your natal astrology chart with current transits
  • 4 personalized astrology charts showing your ongoing transits – a new one for each week!
  • Access to Molly for questions during each class
  • Helpful visuals and guides for easy learning



Due to the personalized nature of this course, class size is limited to ensure all participants receive one-on-one attention.


Are you brand new to astrology?
You may want to take the Introductory Class first.

Online class. 

Webinar-based teaching with visuals, charts, and examples.

Watch and listen on your laptop, desktop, tablet, iPhone, or mobile device. 

Astrology Transits Class begins on Wednesday, May 16

Register now with special early bird pricing:


Only $99 USD


The first live 60-minute class is Tuesday, May 16 at 3 pm EST/ 12 pm PST.


All dates: May 16, May 23, May 30, June 6

Live Q&A will be available during classes so you can ask questions as we go.


You do not need to attend live.

Replays will be immediately available for each class. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions afterwards via email.

3 Easy Registration Steps:

1. Fill out the form below to receive your natal astrology chart
2. Finish registering with your payment at the "Buy Now" button
3. Within 48 hours (excluding weekends), you'll receive an email from me with your astrology toolkit: natal astrology chart, 4 weekly charts, helpful visuals and learning tools, and class call-in details.

Due to the personalized nature of this course, class size is limited to ensure all participants receive one-on-one attention.

1. Provide your astrological details here:

Thank you! I will be touch shortly with your natal astrology chart. Please proceed to the next step to complete your payment for full registration.

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2. Finish registering with your payment


3. After paying, you'll receive an email from me with your Astrology Transits Toolkit: natal chart, 4 personalized transit charts, and login credentials for the online class.

I look forward to connecting with you personally, and guiding you forward on this wonderful self-discovery journey.

Have any questions before registering?

Ask away! You can reach me at info (at) ConsciousCoolChic (dot) com

A few business-y things to know:

  • Early bird pricing expires May 9, 2018.
  • Sorry, astrology classes are not refundable after registration.
  • Payment is only accepted through PayPal.
  • All astrology classes are recorded for online viewing.
  • Rates are listed in USD. For other currencies, the PayPal should populate the correct amount based on your location.

Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author, professional intuitive astrologer, radio show host, and modern consciousness teacher.

Her debut memoir, The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening, hit #1 in 2 Amazon categories within 3 days. The Art of Trapeze is the first book in her Awakening Consciousness Series, followed by The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness, in which she integrates Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey with spiritual growth. Molly released five books in 2013, including her contribution to the bestselling The Thought That Changed My Life Forever where she was published alongside such luminaries as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Often referred to as a Consciousness Catalyst, Molly's popular website, was nominated by for Best Spirituality Website in 2011. She is a practicing intuitive astrologer who has connected with clients in over 20 countries, and she is the official contributing astrologer to Happiness + Wellbeing magazine. Molly's popular weekly radio show attracted over 70,000 downloads in the first year.

Molly has a B.A. in Political Science and Women’s Studies, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy as a formal channel for understanding Global Consciousness with a Jungian perspective. She is TESOL certified and volunteers her time teaching English to college-level international students.

Molly is currently an Ambassador for Women for Women International, a non-profit organization which provides education and and business training for marginalized women in developing countries.

She is the Founder and Director of Spirituality, an online destination for Mastery Courses and consciousness-raising resources.